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  1. Nope, i have not seen that happen with this solution. Since you're activating both inputs with the same physical switch there shouldn't be any difference in time between them, thus you only get the diagonal.
  2. I used 1N4148, they are very cheap and commonly available, other kinds of small diodes should work too.
  3. Printer must have had a bad day, the manufacturer i chose had hundreds of reviews that all include pictures of the parts which looked pretty good. I'll use the rocker as is for now anyway, after some sanding to enhance the ridges it's fairly grippy. My only real worry with the design is the lid, it get's awfully thin where the groove for the rocker is and once screwed down flexes a little in that area. Maybe ABS is just a little soft for that purpose, if i remember right PLA is a bit more stiff and brittle. Should i run into issues i'll go ahead and order your parts, it's too good a feat
  4. I went through a website called treatstock, paid a rather amusingly low €13 including shipping so i'm not all complaining, got what i paid for. (printed on a prusa i3mk2 in ABS) They effectively broker you to enthusiasts with home printers like yourself. The problematic part was the rocker, the housing parts fit well. You can see how the rocker cross section is scalloped when the STL file showed it flat
  5. If anyone wants to get this working with the coolie hat diagonals you will need a couple diodes between the hat switches. Without this trying to wire it as suggested by FoxDelta would leave the hat unable to work in the four main directions, you'll always get a diagonal no matter what you press. As for the Microswitches for the elevation rocker, i used Omron B3F-1022 which require only 1.47N of force to press so you don't need a lot of pressure to hold it depressed but still get a nice little click. There is an even lighter 0.98N variant in the B3F-1020, but i imagine you lose even more t
  6. No production JF-17 has been fitted with the WS-13 yet, they're all using the RD-93 including what is modeled here. It's easy to tell by the smoke.
  7. Had the same issue, you can't start moving before he radios you that he's rolling or he'll get stuck. There's about 20 seconds of time between his call to tower and starting taxi.
  8. They had a great reputation as being high quality and lasting forever, i'd guess they'll sit somewhere between saitek/logitech and crosswind/virpil/vkb in terms of build quality. Mind you i've never actually had hands on time with a set.
  9. https://web.archive.org/web/20120418065954/http://www.dhs-electronic.de/index2.php?id=200&lng=en There's an archived website for them, though what you have bought is likely a version made specifically to interface with the cougar. It appears like they were being made in some form from around 2000 (maybe even earlier?) to 2013. Edit: https://web.archive.org/web/20120117200602/http://www.flugsimulator.de/hse/simped.htm Here is an archived german shop page you can try translating via google, i believe the variant you have is the "SIMPED-vario /pro for use with analog joystick port or
  10. They were made by a german guy up until about ten years ago, he since passed away. Supposedly they are fairly high quality albeit clearly not mass produced, the button on the unit will switch between a linear and non linear response.
  11. The 'Special for joystick' category is for mapping to 2-way and 3-way toggle switches rather than momentary buttons.
  12. Dein Post ist schon ein paar Tage her aber ich hatte im Februar noch eine Warthog Feder bestellt, hatte eine Woche gedauert. Habe auch eine Trackingnummer von Poczta Polska bekommen die allerdings nur bis zum übergang nach Deutschland funktioniert, bei der deutsschen Post ist es dann nicht mehr verfolgbar.
  13. It's the WMR software reserving three virtual monitors it can use to integrate win32 applications into the VR environment. Before this update this would happen when the first application is opened but would result in a short freeze or black screen while in vr, now it is done as you start the WMR software. It's technically a feature, albeit not the most elegant one.
  14. STBY keeps the radar turned on but reduces emissions to the point at which you don't sterilize your ground crew and get sued into oblivion. SIL completely cuts all radar emissions but continues scanning the dish, use this when you don't want to be detected on RWR. Either option will stop providing a radar picture.
  15. Which as far as i am aware is intended behavior as a feature of the radar. How exactly it does it i'm not sure though. Presumably it alternates between scanning both the bugged targets and sweeping for situational awareness, a hybrid of RWS and TWS if you will. If someone with more insight can correct me that's fine, i just haven't seen it being questioned in any material relating to the module, it was always explained as a feature.
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