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  1. I think this is because once the missile leaves the rail, ED's algorithm for the Aim-9M takes over. Ideally, we should get the lock before launch.
  2. Yup. Looks like Overcast and Rain Presets 1 and 2 work fine (including in the C-101) but preset 3 is broken.
  3. It appears to be a bug with DCS World. I just tried the A-10C and the Huey and there were no raindrops on them either. Also, no rain sound. Are you on stable branch?
  4. I would just expect the 4 variants they've announced. If they do any others, that's a bonus.
  5. My hope is that they'll figure this out for the Mirage F-1 and port the fix over to the C-101. The issue is caused by the mix of rear-aspect and all-aspect missiles that the C-101 carries.
  6. Oh, wow. Cool. I didn't consider a major problem but thanks for looking into it.
  7. Hi. No, I don't use FFB and don't have any mods installed. I'll try a repair and let you know if I have different results.
  8. Hi. I'm on the latest stable branch. It happens with the EB and the CC. I've attached tracks from the Easy Landing mission on Caucasus. The first track is my intentional crash. The second track shows my next flight where the plane rolls on its own without any input. Not a big deal and maybe it's just on my end but wanted to draw your attention to it. C-101 intentional crash.trk C-101 roll.trk
  9. A weird little bug I've noticed. Every time I crash the C-101 into the ground, the next time I fly it, it tends to roll left. I have to restart DCS to fix the issue. You should be able to reproduce on your end. I'm on the latest stable version.
  10. I think Nineline is saying there is no newsletter this week but there will be one "next week though".
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