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  1. The ME is working as expected. When you spawn in the F-18, the ME looks for the F-16 -> which is not within the trigger zone, so by definition is outside the zone, which will immediately activate the trigger, even though the F-16 does not actually exist. Perhaps if you add another modifier to the F-16 condition, it will not activate the trigger immediately eg. F-16 outside of zone AND F-16 speed greater than 100 knots, it won't (hopefully) activate the trigger unless both conditions are met. You will also have to create the same conditions for the F-
  2. Hi -ch, You could simulate the helicopter disembarking the troops by: 1. Creating a trigger zone at the point where the helicopter is supposed to land and disembark the troops. 2. In this trigger zone, place your disembarked troops. Set them for "Late Activation". 3. Then create a trigger: eg. (helicopter in trigger zone) and (helicopter altitude = 0m AGL) => (Group activate [your disembarked troops]} Hope this helps. R
  3. Yes, I think it was in this 50th Anniversary of the F-14 Tomcat live stream ( ), one of the Tomcat veterans talked about how they considered using the Phoenix as an anti-ship weapon during one of the Gulf Wars when there was concern of surface attack on oil rigs by Iraqi boats. Apparently it was absolutely feasible to destroy a boat with an AIM-54, just never required.
  4. Another way you could do this is, for the trigger zone, create a new trigger and select the "On shot" condition from the pull down menu. In this way, any weapon fired, including the gun, should then activate the trigger.
  5. I would also add that IRL there was a perception the F-14 was not as good at BFM because, among other reasons, most would have been flown against F-14A's (the most prolific of the type) which was hamstrung by underpowered, compressor-stall prone engines, and also a 6.5G limit imposed by the USN to promote longevity of the limited number of airframes. In DCS, we (currently) have the F-14B with the more powerful engines that do not have to be nursed, and there is no imposed G limit - one can pull as many G's until the wings rip off, without fear of a down aircraft needing over-G inspection,
  6. Fascinating read. Thanks for sharing, would love to hear more!
  7. My understanding is that the colours give an indication of how your pass is compared to where you should be for the ideal pass in terms of line-up, altitude and being on-speed at that point in the glidescope, red being well out of the normal parameters, blue and yellow better, and green on target.
  8. This happened to me too. Drove me nuts until I found this website: https://steamcommunity.com/app/359320/discussions/0/490125737477336721/ He refers to an X52, but also works perfectly to fix the same issue for X65
  9. More importantly, entering the break with wings swept looks "sh*t hot!"
  10. Wow, didn't think the Iraqi's scored any air-to-air victories, but there it is: F/A-18 downed by a Mig-25. And B-52's being damaged by AAA? Thought they delivered their weapons from high up in the stratosphere lol
  11. When you're sitting on the toilet, and you call out "PICKLE"...
  12. Hmm I can't even update. Autoupdate gets about 2/3's of the way, then just hangs. After a long while it just stops and I get an error message: "Unable to autoupdate. User cancelled download" - which I didn't. Hrrrmph
  13. You can target objects on a FARP with the Maverick provided you use the force correlate mode of say, the AGM-65H.
  14. As an extension of this, it would be nice to see a logbook of online achievements/stats: hours flown, landings, kills, ejections, weapons fired etc. Maybe even an online virtual pilot career with medals and promotions. These stats accummulate in the single play mode, why not for online play as well? This might encourage more ppl to fly multiplayer missions. R
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