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  1. Cheers, did not know you could change the colour, but to do it randomly twice, without knowing how to do it... lol and all I thought I messed with was the symbology button, the gain and the contrast.
  2. I did a full cold start and after the INS alignment had completed I changed some of the MFD setting to make the green text slightly more promient, I turned the INS switch to NAV and all the text on the ESHD turned red. Also is there any way to make the text stand out from the map in VR red eshd.trk
  3. unfortunately I didnt save the track, and I dont have the MFD exported to any other monitors, but it was in VR on the version 1 rift
  4. I just tried the cold and dark black sea map, and it started up fine, the ins alignment went smooth. I did notice that the map appeared before the alignment had completed, but i did then faf around with the sysmbol brightness, contrast and gain and had something a bit weird... all of the eshd symbology turned red.
  5. not sure if this has already been reported, but the 20round rocket pod for the huey seems to have a texture problem
  6. I read somewhere they had to extend the barrel becuse the muzzle was right beside the co-pilot gunner, and the muzzle blast was causing damage to the airframe and the person sitting beside it... so in true russian style they just welded a bit on the end and moved the muzzele forwards a bit.
  7. I would possibly think that the wipers are part of the "Animation of external model objects - 70%." I really dont think they would forget them. :)
  8. @schurem ..... Now thats what I want to hear :)
  9. Just tested, the laser mav's seem to be working all fine. I haven't tried the lgb's yet but if the mav's work so should they.
  10. They may be wanting to get the Huey's MP cockpit out and perfected before implementation on the hind
  11. I just tried both the AV8 and the M2000 on on both the TDC axis seems to work fine, quite smooth and easy to move, there does seem to be a small jump on the tgp pod on the harrier, if you mash full deflection, but if moved slowly there are no jumps. I am using a virpil constellation, with the analogue thumb stick. The stick to move and push to lock. (in the mirage)
  12. I was just wondering what features (I do not mean bug fixes) are left to do on the Harrier before it is considered finished, so far I am having a blast with it. Fantastic work from the Razbam team.
  13. just fixed it .. it was textures set to low, i was faffing with rift setting and had set textures to low, put them back to medium and the hud ladder is there.
  14. I think there could be a problem here, just tried hot starts, and cold starts with auto start, also tried changing the special tab to ins pre aligned and there is still no hud ladder.
  15. I use a mix and match setup, with a Worthog throttle and a X56 stick... (no room for rudder pedals)
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