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  1. Newish player looking for a fun server(USA),, I suggest,, *** NewbCity::MSFlights*** full-time 24/7 public server Dischord, https://discord.gg/gUHA9h Check out the footage of the goofballs @*** NewbCity::MSFlights***,, on U-Tube,, We have Fun,, get killed an crash 2 much also... ThePutzer (Tail end Charlie)
  2. Please answer the Original Question.. Should missions created before 2.5.6 in Nevada, Persian Gulf & Normandy still Function Properly ??? or do we need to start over ???
  3. logs & mission Logs attached,,,thank you for taking the time. dcs.20200321-115614.rar dcs.20200321-193531.rar Sgt.Candys' Rescue @Alamo__ PvE & PvP (4am.) -.rar
  4. It seems that most of my dozen plus missions either crash between 2minutes and 2 hrs.. since last major update, (2.56). or just don't work properly. I had been running the ones w/out any extra scripting. With some success till this latest update.. A TRUTHFUL answer is all I need... I don't want to spend any more time trying to fix them, if they cant be. Do I need to start all over from scratch again?? Shit canning hundreds of hours of work again !! Or not,,, Please the TRUTH.. ThePutzer (Tail end Charlie) ***NewbCity:::MSFlights*** I will send you files if you
  5. stops loading at 10% I have had this problem also several friends did also.... The fix, suggested to me was ,,go to this folder.in your USER files it maybe hidden folder was in w7 not sure in w10 (AppData) . AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta delete the DCS openbeta folder,,or simply rename,, run a repair and you should be good to go,,,I think when loading it reaches back into this folder and if something got wankered its a vicious cycle,, Open File Explorer from the taskbar. Select View > Options > Change folder and search options. Select the View tab and, in Advance
  6. Problem Solved Hey guys, thank you for response,,I had somehow turned off (awac view f-10) in the Misc. category. it was still set to theater map f-10, on the gameplay page.. Works now thanks again Have a great Day ThePutzer(Tail end Charlie)
  7. Just took update,, tried map view in several servers and single player,also in 2 different aircraft. the map just doesn't appear..it is bound to F-10, which does show up in control settings..Probably just reinstall DCS World (uninstalled M2000C,P-51 and reinstalled did not help).
  8. Thank You DataLink fix I thank you kind sir and the link also very helpful,,
  9. I loaded up an old Nevada mission, added Hornets & TomCats. Problem... TomCats receive Datalink info & the Hornets Do Not !! From AWAC... Problem with my Mission?? or Hornet ?? way strange. Will attach mission file. ThePutzer. ***NewbCityMSFlights*** Sgt.Candys' Intercept PvE +PvP (4am.).miz
  10. DCS Remote Server Control or Standalone Server Seems those terms are being used interchangeably here..Even though they are completely different animals!!! All I have seen is,a, DCS Remote Server Control, added to the Sim files.. Nice,, thank you,, Scoured downloads looking for a Standalone server download, to no avail.. So I assume you haven't made one yet.. So when are you going to release a "Standalone Server app?? Is one even planned?? yes I am using it (DCS Remote Server Control)..So please no explanations of how to use, just answer to Q if answer is known..
  11. So where do I put kneeboard so I don't wanker it up again.? I get that you want me to make sure folder is, read an write,, but where is the Proper Placement? of Kneeboard..
  12. The cause is the two KNEEBOARD forder in your huge persian map mission ZIP file. YEP,, that was it. Yes it's a huge long one. The rest in this campaign /series, I am creating are limited now to 6 hrs approx not so big. THANK YOU all for helping !!! I deleted them "kneeboards" from miz. , made a couple quick changes in mission and it saved with no problem.. So where do I put kneeboard so I don't wanker it up again.? ThePutzer KNEEBOARD d2d.rar
  13. Core Issue When the game loads it attempts to clear out that temp directory but can't and thus the error is generated. But this not the core ISSUE. Is it? WHY crash & lock up in the EDITOR while attempting to SAVE..freeze & hang ?? ThePutzer
  14. Why the "Crash" when go to SAVE ?? Thank you will remove//rename in the app data. Are you saying the Kneeboard is causing the CRASH in this mission,? (when SAVE function is clicked?????? Were you able to EDIT and SAVE this Mission???? OR Did you just figure out How to Restore the game?
  15. Not only will it not save Mission but it Corrupts the units with that DickKey error.After several attempts to save DCS locks up. AND then will not open up again after log in, the files get so corrupted I have had to re install DCS several times now !! I will attach all pertinent files. ThePutzer NewbCity::MSFlights Dawn till Dusk-A2A-Anti-Ship-Ground Attack-(PvP+ PvP).rar dcs.rar
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