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  1. Yes, it is quite a complex issue how dcs works in background. My gtx 1060 6g is been doing just fine with Samsung odyssey plus for more than two years now on a medium to low settings. An upgrade is needed now and the 3060ti is in my radar as an upgrade.
  2. I watched the video above recently and I am prompted to seek more clarification from fellows who know better here. The video clearly shows that the vram memory size readout in msi afterburner is not what is actually used in-game. I tried this in my msi afterburner settings and my dedicated vram was not getting to half my vram size in vr. Low res 0+ and 6g vram gpu. I hear gpus with 10g and bigger vram filling up in vr and I am like, what really is enough size for vram? Could this vram usage debunk video really have any relevance in explaining allocated and actual used vram?
  3. I am really interested in knowing how the 6000 series of amd gpu are fairing in vr. I am currently swinging between 3060ti and 6700 xt but have read somewhere that amd gpu are not so good in vr compared to Nvidia. Some reprojection issue I think. The 12g vram is really pulling me to amd camp. Both cards are around same $849 that I have been monitoring for sometime now.
  4. I want to believe you meant reasonable priced availability when you mentioned availability. These cards are actually available if you really want to buy but the prices are prohibitive. 2027 is a very long projection. It is interesting to see all this news about amd multichip gpu and Nvidia Lovelace planned for next year. Where would they get the silicon to produce all these gpu if the the world is short of production capacity.
  5. Thank you fellow for the elaborate clarification. I guess I should have use "during Early Access" instead of "starting from Early Access" in my post. Eagerly waiting to see the Apache unfold into reality in dcs. [emoji106]
  6. Today's newsletter says the rotor mounted FCR will be available starting from early access. Would that be the dome shape mast on top of the rotor system. That is awesome news if that it is same thing.
  7. The installation process is fairly straight forward. There are some helpful materials on the Simshaker website. The software comes with a generic settings for each aircraft and these setting you would need to tweak to your liking. You can equally watch a few guides on youtube on setting those level of vibration for your aircraft.
  8. If I understand your issue, throttle binding are done in the axis section of the keybinding option.
  9. Very much agree with this submission. Reality out there is that hardware components to continually enjoy the changing dcs world as it is have become gold. New entrants/veterans without the disposable financial resources to get those component to keep up with dcs world could stagnate. DCS 2.7 is a remarkable uplift with those cloud but I must admit my rig choked a bit but still good doing it in 2D. I would imagine further development of the cloud and weather system, dynamic campaign, upgrade to flir rendering and other features planned would be system-tasking. Voting for core multithread and vulkan implementation. However the Apache and Eurofighter modules are a must-have no matter what for me.
  10. I think the choice of color on the FCR is so limited to what they really are in the F-16 ED is implementing. I am pretty sure Ed will do it as it is in the real aircraft.
  11. in the same vein, it took the excellent training missions created by one Mr Rudel_Chw for the J-17 for me to discover the true form and great work Deka did on the J-17. The training mission that came with the module without a voice-over did not do well introducing me to the aircraft. So yes, it is about time a detailed documentation be done on this beautiful modern aircraft in dcs. .
  12. Thanks for sharing the roadmap for the viper. The flight model really need work and I am glad it there and already being worked on according to the last newsletter. Hope that get in the openbeta soon. Wishing all your team a good one in getting all these listed feature implemented. Looks like many of the 'In development' message on the DED pages remains till 2022. In any case these features when complete should put the viper in a much more better form.
  13. You are not doing anything thing wrong. The JSOW in dcs f-16 is used for light trunks, bmps and infantry. My Wag made a dedicated video to explain the misconception about the weapons damage capability Here is the video link
  14. Big big congratulations to both TrueGrit and Heatblur on this partnership to bring the Eurofighter to DCS. Respect to Truegrit for first taking the challenge to bring the Eurofighter to us virtual simmers and having the honesty to own up when the complexity became mounting. They had good wisdom to call in a formidable hand in this business(Heatblur). Also thank you Heatblur for accepting to take the challenge and we trust you would bring your expertise from your successful modules in DCS to bear in this highly anticipated jet. My best wishes are with you both on this journey and know that should you ask me now, my money is very ready for this module and most certainly in the near future I hope. Cheers.
  15. The vr experiences with amd gpu on this thread is truly an eye opener for me. Actually my mind was fixed on amd for my vr induced upgrade plans. Vram size is just too good on the red team. Sad that this frame time things is a drawback for such a great cards from amd. Looking up the green side again but the upper end cards are off budget for me. Perhaps a 3070ti at close to msrp.
  16. I can help but add my vote of thanks to ED here. Dcs is oftentimes the only incentive to turn my system on after the day's work. This sandbox of military aircraft that runs through the world war period to modern times is a brilliant concept. The ability to take your pick from these plethora of aircraft and zoom into the sky(2.7 cloud even better) is just blissful. The history of flightsim like comrades here is long and passionate for me too. The journey started for me in 2000 and since that fire was lit, it has known no exhaustion. Just trying to imagine all those many goods old flightsims that are stunted now and to think that dcs was among them. Hmmmm[emoji22] Grateful that Ed held onto the baton strong and racing on gallantly in this modern times. The road to good success is scarcely smooth. Bugs, long period in early access, etc. I will without a hint of doubt take all that dcs world is now instead of being one of the many great sims that gave us so much pleasure but lost their engines in flight. To add to all these, ED gave me the chance to do all these in VR. How cool is that! My salute to them is steadfast and I am keeping the faith for a better dcs world looking forward. Wishing ED crew the best in keeping this flag flying [emoji123] [emoji106][emoji106] i5 7600k, GTX 1060 6g, 32g Ram, Samsung Odyssey plus VR, Andre's Jetseat, Warthog Joystick, TWS Throttle
  17. I am still here from that era. So many good surprises await you when you get to try it. Welcome back. i5 7600k, GTX 1060 6g, 32g Ram, Samsung Odyssey plus VR, Andre's Jetseat, Warthog Joystick, TWS Throttle
  18. The cloud jittering in VR was very disorienting taking a lot away from good immersion in VR. Ed having fixed that in the last open beta batch was a big fix for me. Clouds looks rich and fuller now beside the shimmering on the clouds at a distant. The new cloud project will continually be a work in progress endeavor same as the whole dcs world project be it stable of openbeta My take is that they based their premise for moving to stable on the significant reduction of the bugs causing crashes. i5 7600k, GTX 1060 6g, 32g Ram, Samsung Odyssey plus VR, Andre's Jetseat, Warthog Joystick, TWS Throttle
  19. The hornet got amazing features added and lots of fixes. Very happy about the efforts on the hornet. Added Control Stick Steering(CSS), what is that?
  20. That would really be a major fix. It is best to fly dcs now in 2d screen to really enjoy those amazing clouds.
  21. Thanks a million YSAID_RIP. These are very good information you have posted. I will be trying them out. Combining this Jetseat with vr is simply remarkable, makes the whole experience of flying more lively.
  22. I received my Andrea's Jestseat 3 days ago. I have tried it for a few minutes and the experience is been really great and immersive. However I have noticed the default values of 50 for the effects does not provide for a realistic feedback as a lot of other effects and covered up by one constant vibration. I am still trying to getting my head around the various vibration effects. Can anyone share a more realistic setting that I could use or a link to material where l can get information on each of the vibration effects and how to apply to jet and helicopter aircrafts.
  23. Nice, that should fire up the cpu side of your system and dcs being cpu dependent, some improvement will be noticed with your 1080ti. I was not so lucky, enrolled on the Newegg shuffle for the gpus and was told I did not get in. I would be looking out for another round of the event. Edited I am looking at your post again and I think you meant to say 6900xt. Either way 6900xt would be an awesome improvement over the 1080ti
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