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  1. I had same issue. I could not progress beyond this point. I do not think it is keybind issue because the spacebar worked okay prior to this point. I did the old demo mission a long time ago and everything worked good. I would try the old mission again and see if this issue is repeated. Thank anyways to Baltic Dragon for the opportunity to try a demo of this long awaited training campaign.
  2. Ensure if the align process was properly done. One update added some months ago was to ensure that you press enter on the UFC keypad on the first few seconds after turning the NAV knob to ALIGN to register current coordinates of the aircraft. Alternatively, you can do inflight alignment after takeoff.
  3. This is good to know. I would hope dcs developers would take advantage of the this for their upcoming Vulkan integration into dcs world engine.
  4. Interesting article. The mesh shader thing would be an absolute game changer if it becomes mainstream. Hard to say what Vulkan is going to offer in dcs but looking at those figures in that article, performance boost with this mesh shader is insane. Higher end graphic cards would come down their elevated position should this become implemented as you would not need those cards to enjoy gaming with all eye candies settings turned on. Horizon looking good with this rendering innovation.
  5. I seems to be in the same situation. On i5 core 7600k and a gtx 1060 just hanging there in dcs with my O+ headset The experience has been really be okay, I would surely like to have some eye candy setting turned up. My newly purchased Syria map has really tested my system and those magnificent clouds and weather upgrade are around the corner. It would be tough for me not to be able to fly in those clouds in vr when the update is released. I skipped the Turing and radeon 5000 era with my hope squarely placed on the next generation gpus. I did not see the present stock and price situation
  6. The recently released gpus from amd and nvidia would be a considerable upgrade for vr experience but for the price and stock level right now as you mentioned. Most like me are just waiting for things to simmer down if they ever does before getting a new gpu. You can still get by with your gtx 1080. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  7. I agree. Been getting along with my gtx 1060 in vr. Held back from getting syria map because of my gpu but tried Syria map in vr during the dcs free play window and instantly bought the map. I must say it is not all pretty but at least playable with most eye candy settings turned off. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  8. Not sure if other real life variants of the block 50 has terrain following radar but I am sure the one we are getting in DCS will not be coming with terrain following radar. Mr. Wags has stated that many times .
  9. The Hornet was release into early access way before the F-16 came on board. I think it is only logical to follow a first-in-first-out approach. Looking like it is no longer feasible to develop these two iconic modules simultaneously. Pretty sure the Viper will be getting some works along with Ed intensive drive to get the Hornet out of early access. Equally looking forward to the Viper development. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  10. The CM3 is looking really good and high-tech designed. I have been watch YouTube reviews on it but scarce content in relation to dcs. Good numbers of buttons to play with. The various detents adapter are just fantastic. This could very well pair with my thrustmaster warthog flightstick. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  11. Are you running dcs in the background.? You actually need to have dcs running at the background to be able to have dcs steamvr display dcs in the video application setting Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  12. I mapped the important keybinds to your hotas keys and use mouse to click switches and buttons in the cockpit. You get use to using the mouse. I use Samsung odyssey plus but the rift S has a very good reviews for a starter. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  13. Incoming hopefully next update. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  14. Thank a lot to you Jayroc and your crew for the time and effort that went into providing this benchmarks. This is a hard to find dcs specific benchmark in vr. Very useful information and a good hardware buyer's guide. [emoji106] Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  15. Correct on that BitMaster. Throwing brute hardware force on dcs in vr has got it limits. I have seen the mighty rtx 3090 report in vr, not ground breaking. A new dcs engine overhaul will be the answer to fps improvements. Boy! Wish that dcs engine overhaul would come as this year roll over. Daydreaming [emoji23] Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
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