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  1. I seriously hope against the projection in that article. when it comes to fightsim, vr is a very immersive add-on. Much of the points cited as reasons for future demise of vr does not hold much water. Prices are becoming affordable and the level of vr development now is in many ways a whole lot different from the 3D TV. My first try of dcs in vr killed whatever fun I was getting using trackir on a 2d screen so I am not one of those who just want to play on a regular 2d screen anymore. Usability is more convenient for me without those cables running around, infrared headset and camera h
  2. Nice of you to share your experience with the rtx3070 in vr. I had that card in mind because I did not want to do a complete upgrade with my present 650w psu. The 8g vram got me thinking again and now looking at amd 6800. So care sharing how the vram on the 3070 is doing in vr. Vram usage is about the only thing making me uncertain about the 3070. Also there is plan for the HP reverb G2 along the way. Sent from my H3223 using Tapatalk
  3. Dcs 2.5.6 lighting upgrade kind of tanked whatever vr upgrade as then.
  4. I have waited out the Nvidia 2000 series for the 3000 series for my VR gpu upgrade, now the AMD RX 6800 is really getting my attention with the 16g Vram which looks like a big deal in vr. I had the 3070 in mind earlier but seems like the spec of 3070 will make you want to upgrade again in not too distant future. All the youtube tech guys talking about these graphic cards on youtube scarcely put vritual reality in their performance rating analysis so I am still waiting to see Vr performance data on the AMD cards. My current gtx 1060 is no longer keeping up in dcs 2.5.6.
  5. How about the manufacturer's website?
  6. The old A-10C receiving the new default pilot position is very likely. Remember the updated flight model got into the old A-10C so as said by Yurgon, highly probable.
  7. Reprojection is done by steamvr software.
  8. I am hoping we can get to hear a bit of that incredible sound advertised on GA video in-cockpit while pulling the trigger.
  9. I drift towards the A-10C ll. But I must say my renewed interest in the warthog with new upgrade has opened my eyes to some really good stuff that is in the old A-10C. The gun is super. The new flight model just make the warthog module a lot of fun to fly.
  10. +1 I can remember putting much interest in flying the A-10C before but I hardly fly other modules I have now. Just got to know about few things about the aircraft that I not know earlier. The flight model is so stable, enjoying the guns and of course the HMCS. It is been fun relearning the warthog again.
  11. +1 A structured training campaign is an instant buy for my anytime. It is perfect way to learn these high fidelity module. Wish Maple's A-10C dlc training campaign can be done for the Tomcat, Hornet and Viper.
  12. That is looking great. The Rafale mod has got her cockpit already? Good job [emoji106]
  13. Yeah, I am very aware of saving the old saved game folder and moving file such mission, config, kneeboard and other relevant files back to the new folder. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Good finding. I will give that a shot from my end too and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.
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