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  1. try the follow: make 6 groups with a single unit, instead make a group with 6 units. if you want to simulated a moving group just make some groups with only one unit inside. first make a groups with the single unit and make the whole path and triggers, after that copy paste to the rest of the groups making so the same path for every group and simulate a formation. Doing so you can simulate better tactics and ambushes modifying the wpt.
  2. the mod is dead...? what stop make a FC3 mod?
  3. keep in mind if you keep 0 speed in hovering the SAMs will not detect you at certain range. Also when you set the Artillery fire you can activate in the Artillery option the massage pop up to tell you the rounds have been shoot. Then you can make a quick climb with the helicopter to see the rounds landing, doing so you minimize time of exposure to SAMs
  4. They can’t add such powerful weapon without improve the damage model in ground units. Right now we get a very basic damage model like a hit everywhere will be a kill and like so is not smart add ATGM man unit.
  5. see attachment no rockets at all when I do orders with Ground Commander Uragan bug.trk
  6. Hi. in SP is a matter you set some units in a hill close to the target, or just set a Helicopter close to the target in hover spotting the area. In MP you can do it as well but you depend more of mission designer. The easiest way is with a buddy in an helicopter to do the observer and correct the artillery. So you are doing as team. In case you are by yourself. you still can do the job. The only you gonna need is the mission map set as Allies only. Ones you spotted the enemy in a Ka-50 you can tell position by map position or in coords. in this case after you get the position you hit left ALt+ J and chose another slot for ground commander. You set orders for artillery and after that you select Ka-50 again. Doing so the Ka-50 unit will become AI when you switch to Artillery. You should correct the artillery shot quick to avoid the Ka-50 AI get downed. And so on you keep correcting artillery by yourself. I made a mission you can test see attachment. Please use mortars only because Uragan have a bug I will report. artillery test.miz
  7. very important add-on. thanks
  8. what was the EOS Bugfix about? I was not aware of that bug.
  9. politics and war apart... those footage probably is the first R-27 vs F-XX real life encounter ever and was a hit, kind of lateral rear aspect. That Missile was a R-27T
  10. That’s the point. At the end of the day is all about specific coding.
  11. no is just an after action of the current R-27.
  12. here the track. Seem they are using the S-8 rocket attack profile for the ATGM missiles. they don't last a single inbound in battlefield. Mi-24P gangster mode.trk
  13. F-15 on those kills started track the Migs after the climb. IRL they are not god. Such OP believe is only here for kids got fun
  14. I agree. We were talking about AWACS just because the E3 was used against Mig-29 in Serbia and pilots told in some interviews they never were track at that low altitude. Also you can see the debriefing of the American pilot who did those victories and he never mentioned the Migs tracking at such low altitude. After Migs climbed they were easy prey. All the contrary we got in DCS Mig got kill as potatoes on the ground…
  15. Not mention the participation of those Migs was really poor in every chapter. Just imagine CCCP alive and giving support. Different results…
  16. those AWACS from 40's as you said were literally crap… They were not able to detect a decent threat. Otherwise Vietnamese Migs will be a Comic instead real victories. that’s why they wanted to bring to the table the modern Era instead the real loses from the pass. Also let’s said the new E3 was not so fantastic as you get unrealistically in DCS. Officially told by Serbians they were low low and they never were detected. As enemies were high they were forced to climb to engage only with short range missiles. All victories over the malfunctioning Mig were over 20000 feet
  17. I guess you don’t know the difference between EWR and GCI. And no, I will not leave F-4 without AWACS while the Red side have EWR.
  18. I don’t clearly understand the behavior of Mi-24P as AI. They end over the enemy using ATGM missiles from 700m things like that… Mi-24P go gangster even when they are using ATGM only without keep a safe distance from the enemy to attack. there is an official statement about that? I just can’t use well Mi-24P in AI missions.
  19. Full fidelity MiG 29A by ED? - Page 11 - MiG-29 for DCS World - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  20. in the web store only tell there are some limitation when using only the stick on the Warthog base, but there is not more comments on those limitations.
  21. they will not change or improve anything about russians. They leave all so weak on purpose.
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