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  1. see the Note below the announced AH-64. There you will see how all this time long they laughed on us... Stop discussing about this new systems add. Ones Again this producer company ban every possible upgrade for everything can protect you or everything can you have against the current projects. And look what is the reasons... the Russians... We must mention every time old Migs and old Soviet hardware in general are freely reproduced possible and they keep telling people they don’t invest in that or this because the modern Russians stop them bla bla bla. Don’t waste your time on this s
  2. Can developers move Mig-23 threads about to this forum?
  3. Hi Hiromachi, can you tell us more about that Su-22 under the blanket?
  4. After remove the files mentioned in the second post Caucasus and Persian map work. But kind of bad work. When I want to leave the server the Sim stay forever trying to leave the server and the memory load increase to 95% forcing me to manually close the process. Not stable by my side.
  5. Yes I rolled back to Automatic pagefile by Windows and remove all files mentioned by second post above. Inside I pushed and fit a little bit the Rams and Video Card just in case. I will stay so to test.
  6. I have 16Gb ram memory. what is the pagefile recommended to set manually?
  7. If I do this rename. How can I keep my whole game settings? I just setted my pagefile to 16000mb, thats correct?
  8. I just gave up. I cant play in multiplayer anymore. I was thinking was only in Syria map. Today, after time without do a flight I try the old maps (because I know Syria is impossible). Well bad news the crash is happening in Caucasus, Iran. wherever I want to flight. Here are all the logs generated today. crash all the time.zip
  9. Do you think playing a game with a processor on the head is healthy?
  10. That bird is almost ready :thumbup:
  11. If people keep been crash to desktop without play stable in multiplayer how come this become stable without fix that?
  12. I just finish listening the interview. Very nice and interesting. Yes will be even more nice see a translation to English for the community.
  13. interview to Mig-21, Mig-23 Cuban pilot with two Valor Medals Tte. Cor. Eduardo Gonzalez Sarría talking about his pilot experience and specially about some of his experiences in the Africa wars. (In Spanish)
  14. Hoho I did it, nothing changed. Now I don’t remember the size I set. I will look again.
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