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  1. After remove the files mentioned in the second post Caucasus and Persian map work. But kind of bad work. When I want to leave the server the Sim stay forever trying to leave the server and the memory load increase to 95% forcing me to manually close the process. Not stable by my side.
  2. Yes I rolled back to Automatic pagefile by Windows and remove all files mentioned by second post above. Inside I pushed and fit a little bit the Rams and Video Card just in case. I will stay so to test.
  3. I have 16Gb ram memory. what is the pagefile recommended to set manually?
  4. If I do this rename. How can I keep my whole game settings? I just setted my pagefile to 16000mb, thats correct?
  5. I just gave up. I cant play in multiplayer anymore. I was thinking was only in Syria map. Today, after time without do a flight I try the old maps (because I know Syria is impossible). Well bad news the crash is happening in Caucasus, Iran. wherever I want to flight. Here are all the logs generated today. crash all the time.zip
  6. Do you think playing a game with a processor on the head is healthy?
  7. That bird is almost ready :thumbup:
  8. If people keep been crash to desktop without play stable in multiplayer how come this become stable without fix that?
  9. I just finish listening the interview. Very nice and interesting. Yes will be even more nice see a translation to English for the community.
  10. interview to Mig-21, Mig-23 Cuban pilot with two Valor Medals Tte. Cor. Eduardo Gonzalez Sarría talking about his pilot experience and specially about some of his experiences in the Africa wars. (In Spanish) [YOUTUBE]3u4XlryEj8k[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Hoho I did it, nothing changed. Now I don’t remember the size I set. I will look again.
  12. Can you direct people with the steps how to. No clue what you mean.
  13. I hope someday this issue get fixed. This is the only map I can’t play in multiplayer.
  14. Also great for paratroopers but unfortunately this option is not implemented in this simulator. [YOUTUBE]zcdK0vMaHsY[/YOUTUBE]
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