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  1. I kinda expect that to be possible in DCS as well. I mean we already have the Garmin NS430 in the sim.
  2. I agree. First time lookin at the DCS 430, I was a bit confused on what that symbol was actually showing. On first glance it just looks like a weird blob. Especially with the map "north-up" it is very hard to tell which direction you are actually facing... This is one of the pictures from the ED Shop page for the GNS 430 (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/ffc/Screen_170216_164755.jpg) and you can hardly make out the plane-symbol as such. If you compare that to the picture from sdflyer, that is taken from even further away, the diffrence becomes easily noticable.
  3. This problem also extends to the map display. When selecting "Track UP" the map is infact "Heading UP", which is incorrect.
  4. After entering a waypoint identifier and pressing ENT once, the "Activate?" prompt shows up. Correct behaviour for the GNS 430 would be, that the "Activate?" text starts blinking until ENT is pressed. However, in the DCS: NS 430, the "Activate?" text is not blinking, but instead the waypoint identifier entry line is blinking. See the attached picture with the "Activate?" text visible and the blinking "cursor" in the first line. Small bug, but would be nice to see that fixed too!
  5. The "Direct-To button" seems to be missing two of the key functionalities: 1) Whenever a Airport Identifier, Waypoint or Navigation Aid (from now on called waypoint) is highlited (blinking), like for example in the NRST Page, pressign the "Direct-To button" should bring up the "Direct-To Page" with the previously highlited waypoint allready selected. However, with the DCS: NS 430, pressing the "Direct-To button" while having any waypoint selected does bring up the "Direct-To page", however, there is no waypoint preselected. This makes the NRST page quite useless, as you still have to
  6. The "NRST Airport" page should list 9 airports, showing 3 at a time in a scrollable list. However, while the scrollbar is visible, it is not possible to scroll down to entries 4-9. The other NRST pages (NDBs, WPTs, VORs) scroll just fine.
  7. Found a small issue with the NS 430: On the NAV Page 1, the TRK indicator actually shows heading instead of track. The NS 430 can not know the current heading of the helicopter because it lacks a compass. Track however is calculated by GPS position and is independed of helicopter orientation. Easily reproducable by flying forward and adding some rudder. Or by flying the helicopter in reverse.
  8. Haha, nice! Thanks for sharing! I heard about "Runway 34", but I didn't know about the Heligrill. Will check it out once I move to Zurich! Best regards, John
  9. Welcome to DCS and the forums and thanks for the kind words! Indeed, to make this mission a bit more challenging (so that one has actually use the radar :smilewink:) I have hidden the units in the mission editor. As Rudel mentioned, you can turn them back visible if you want to. If your radar screen is illumiated, do you actually see the sweep going across? If not make sure that you are in the proper A1 radar mode. In mode A0, the radar will be off and in mode A2 the radar will show a magnified B-Scope (zommed square representation instead of the arc) that is positio
  10. As a followup to the previous video, in todays tutorial we are taking a look on how QNH, QFE and the radar altimeter work for targeting in the Viggen. Using QNH, QFE and the radar altimeter: Mission:Download Enjoy! :thumbup:
  11. I would assume that this is not intended behaviour. It makes sense for doing a navigation update (on a B waypoint) where the new position is close to the waypoint. However, as you have experienced, this is quit annyoing when trying to desingate a target (especially BX waypoints that have not been set yet). Often the cursor appears somewhere off-screen and you have to guess in which direction to slew it so that it re-appears on the radar screen. I have seen this mentioned multiple times (also mentioned it here and there myselfe), however so far I am not sure if this is intended or indeed
  12. Thank you for the information. Could you provide a link?
  13. Yes. If you have a 3 position switch it is a bit easier. You can have it set up that in the forward position it is in T0, in the middle it is in T1 and pulled back it is in TV. This is the closest that you will get to the functionality without using an actual 3 position trigger.
  14. I think he is refering to a bug that caused a 90° at Bx7. This was/is happening when you use code 800002 for example. Has been happening since release.
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