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  1. Found out the problem! The connector in the warbrd disconnected from the mount and the plugs cannot reach the connector.
  2. Hi Folks, After trying to switch out and put in the Warthog grip in the WarBrd base, I have encountered an issue where neither the F18 or Warthog grips in VPC are able to recognize button presses. Trying this out in Windows joystick calibrate also appears not to be able to detect button press. I have downloaded the latest VPC tool, selected the Warbrd base/F18 Warthog grip, saved profile, updated firmware, calibrated axis, pressed buttons and nothing. Nothing in windows calibrate either. Seems as if the warbrd base does not detect buttons any longer. Has anyone encountered this? Here are my screenshots.
  3. Looking to buy a used monstertech or foxxmount long mount for joystick. Located in USA
  4. Anyone here have a 7.5-10 warthog extension they don’t need? Would love to buy it off you . I’m in California. Thank you
  5. Can anyone here who has discord/whatsapp be able to walk me through the config process of how to set up the V1 throttle for DCS? I am stuck on trying to map Idle/Off detent to register as an actual button in the game as well as the Mode selector switch. if you have WhatsApp/Discord please send me a message , id love to knock this out! Thank you
  6. Ok I am currently on a 4K Acer 34” predator monitor. I’m doing great on the 1080ti in terms of FPS. So if I project on dual 4K projectors is that going to be an FPS killer? I assume it’s the same thing as me running 2x 4K monitor. I wonder what will the quality be like if projecting on 2x 1080ps?
  7. So I am curious to know what is the performance impact and quality of graphics between Choosing to play on a 180 degree screen with 2x projectors vs something like on Index VR vs 4K monitor? I am trying to get the most immersive route that gives me comparable if not the same performace I am getting with my single 1080ti. If I step up to two dual projectors , do I need to get 2x cards or will the single 1080ti run fine ?
  8. I have seen enough videos for me to get an idea of how the LCD's out there work if you want to mount them for the MFD's but my question is if you do extend the MFD's does this in any way decrease your FPS in game and can you still play game in fullscreen mode or it will be windowed? Have you found the LCD's to be a very useful feature or just using the MFDs as they are worked good enough?
  9. WTB Thrustmaster MFD Looking to buy 2 or 3 MFD's in California USA. PM me
  10. I am interested in these.
  11. Hi there, Is there any instructions on how to hook up the LCDs and control the MFDs on those or a video on the Tablets?
  12. Found out it was Auto Trimmer under game options!!!!
  13. Hello, I am new to DSC and with my new Hotas setup to me something seems off in game. Normally, I would expect that when i push the joystick ever so slightly that it matches exactly the movement as the in-game stick but it doesn't, it kind of quickly jumps to the next position or the game stick itself has a huge deadzone. Can anyone confirm this? Please see video: I have all the deadzones set to 0 and the curvatures to 0. The joystick is perfectly calibrated in Windows as well and I dont have anything mapped. I even tried an Xbox controller and the same thing appears. Is there something wrong? Would love to hear that its normal and thats how the game works. By the way changing my deadzone on the joystick doesnt actually improve anything.
  14. I think the issue here is that the stick is too stiff. To me i am putting a lot of pressure on the stick for me to see the change in the game.
  15. Hello, I have repaired the DSC game and still no luck. I noticed when i push down on the stick, the stick in game actually pulls up for a second then it goes down. When i pull back on the stick in the game it registers the move but the stick literally appears an inch back instantaneously, acts like its mapped to a keyboard button when clearly the keyboard buttons are not mapped. I have tried everything possible but i still cannot figure out why its not smooth.
  16. Hi, where is the TM calibration? Should the ingame joystick move to the slightest push on the stick?
  17. Hello, I just got the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog and fired it up in DSC but when I move the Thrustmaster joy stick forward/left/right/back the ingame stick doesnt respond the same. I have to move my stick like half an inch for the game to register and then its not a smooth transition which makes precision flying not working. Using Windows "Setup Game Controllers" configuration, the system picks up very fine joystick/throttle movements in the box perfectly so the hardware is not an issue. 1. I downloaded the TARGET software and updated the joysticks to the latest firmware but i have not actually done anything in the TARGET software. I do not have any profile or any association selected. I only have the "Enable Hardware Deadzone" active. 2. Inside the game, under Control settings I have looked at my Axis Commands in the DSC for A10C Game/A10C Real for Pitch/Roll, I see the Joy Y and Joy X are showing in Pitch/Roll. Under Axis Tune, the Deadzone is 0 and Curvature i set to 0 as well. When moving the joystick in the Axis Command, the slightest movements register perfectly but not in game. I also tried to set the curvature to 20 for Pitch/Roll and still no fix. Am I meant to configure something in TARGET? Do the Joysticks work perfectly for DSC or setup is required? Does the ingame stick actually sync up with the real stick precision at all?
  18. Looking to buy a set of Thrustmaster MFDs in the US. If you have LCDs with these then even cooler.
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