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  1. also that popup isnt there long enough to clear the deck and then read. if you dont stop everything and read it right then on the wire its gone forever
  2. I recently got a bhaptics vest and would love to get it set up with dcs but ive found 0 info on how to even attempt it. since it doesnt require audio to work with games this is a promising platform I just dont have the skills to set it up. platform seems pretty open though if someone did have the knowledge I would happily test it out
  3. my quick notices in the limited time Ive spent: Compressor Stalls: dont seem to warn you or happen much at all for that matter. as far as I know you should be able to hear or feel compressor stalls coming with aircraft behavior. ive heard of groans and pops before the stall actually occurs. no matter how tight of a turn I pulled or how much I surged the throttle nothing seemed to happen until I forced a flat spin and only when I tried to exit the spin by sweeping the wings did the engine burst into flames without warning leading to the next thing. Fire Suppression: short answer doesnt wo
  4. probably the same thing that happens in the HB 14 when the rio "reaches over" into the pilots pit to flip switches. depends how the switch is set up. if the switch is clicked twice it will either go up past the desired point or toggle back to off depending if it has directionalized clicks or not (rmb increase lmb decrease kinda thing). the command just stacks up is all
  5. This is my biggest problem as well. I dont mind a delay for something not working, I mind when said delay isnt announced until day of release having been told nothing prior indicating another blocker was there. reading through I see it wasnt known internally either which is a bit worrying for such major things to go unnoticed that close to release. but the lack of notice was the worst of it here. even if it was late the night before since it seems it was at least known then a pinned blurb/ short announcement until the longer explaination was put out would have been better than someone finding
  6. right? I DONT work there and I want to more than sometimes
  7. it IS part of the radio call (real one anyway. hopefully the new dcs ones too). specifically during the ball call if nowhere else. "101, Tomcat, Bal, 8.0." weather or not that gets modelled for the carrier to set hook-eye is unknown. we just dont have a lot of info
  8. even if not a voice message, more wondering if we will get any kind of reaction for it. I dont imagine it would be too hard. similar trigger to the lso saying the hook isnt down or something.
  9. makes me wonder if the new atc will include a lights on deck warning
  10. youd think. but its best to not assume without an actual answer. thats how hype leads to disappointment
  11. tekrc

    Briefing Room

    on a similar note Id like the ability to fly a plane, land it, get out, go to the next plane over, and get in to fly that one without popping back to the role select. I can almost see it being done with scripts but sounds like a royal pain.
  12. 90% sure you would be able to place the static crew around on the kuz also but probably still in the usn uniforms. although given how current placement of "static" things seems to work it will also block spawn points. cool view if you want to have part of the ship full of parked aircraft with crews working around them but limits how many players can spawn in at once (also hinders ai taxi pathfinding on deck probably from what ive seen) and can lead to the waiting for spawn message issue again. honestly to help solve this I would LOVE to see the limit areas around spawn points we could plac
  13. best current representation are the screenshots in the news letter and snippets from recent promo vids
  14. the frames they are getting wont be the frames you are getting. everyones system is different and even if you have the same specs software differences will change it too. things like background tasks, how much load your processor is dealing with, and remaining drive space will also have an impact on your stability. but the one ship shouldnt impact it THAT much. if it does just mash escape and pull trees and grass down. solves all my problems for vr
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