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  1. This always launches with DCS, is there a way to keep it off if it's not being used?
  2. Here's another track, rather long from MP but you can see the attempt to lock the bandit at the end https://www.dropbox.com/s/9x5ss8ev0hnlvza/BF Syria Modern 1.31.miz-dynamic-20210823-124316.zip?dl=0 Stable version
  3. Ok but you aren’t that close to the tanker when you call pre-contact. My point is if you’ve oscillating all over the sky trying to press F1. You aren’t “ready”
  4. Misery? Well now that you put it that way…
  5. I’ve noticed that I can’t pick up bandits down on the deck, over water, even high aspect, no matter the PRF. And it’s a good position for them because they can sure lock me up.
  6. Responding to posts, especially when replying or quoted, isn’t “trolling” And you wonder why non-VR users need to respond to these topics…
  7. AFAIK that’s how it has always been. If you both have that skin downloaded you’ll both see it. But nobody else will unless they loaded it too.
  8. If you’re flying into the turbulence you’re not in the correct spot. You should be below the wake behind the tanker. Again, at the point in the process that you make this command your plane should be totally stable. It’s a sorta non issue. That’s a better idea, have all the radio commands available from the HOTAS.
  9. Sure. That’s a radio command which is pretty hard to do while flying.
  10. “Ready Pre-Contact” is just a radio command. None of the other radio commands are on the HOTAS except of course the radio itself. Hint: If you find it difficult to press F1 when you’re ready to refuel. You’re not ready. You should be stable and trimmed on station behind the tanker, hands off the stick when you send that message. So it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  11. The canopy configuration and size is also a key differentiator in the WWII aircraft. For example in a P-47 vs a 109 your extra visibility is a key advantage vs the otherwise better handling Messerschmitt.
  12. Well there are arguments for and against. So just pick what’s real. Sure there would be options to set it on or off just like every other realism feature. But it should be there as an option. I think the OPs idea of having it server-side but letting the players choose hard or soft limit is a good suggestion.
  13. Since sim games are attempting to replicate reality as close as possible. Questions about game features become easier to answer. Can a pilot in the real world stick their head through the canopy? No. So therefore it shouldn’t be possible in DCS What about air sickness? Do people get airsick in real aircraft? Yes. So it should be possible to get airsick in VR. After all it’s Virtual Reality right? So along with motion sickness and needing to turn your head 1:1 you’re getting what you asked for.
  14. That’s true. One goes hand in hand with the other
  15. Indeed that would be a much better system. Currently when you join you’ve got no idea what the map or battle looks like. Some of the servers may have a separate website with this on it but it’s not as good as having this info right in the game.
  16. Well there’s still a limit to how far you can move your viewpoint even if it’s a bit outlandish. There is also some trick with the eye point I think to allow the player to see the cockpits which in reality are quite small. Your eye point is like it’s modeled in the center of your head. The fisheye view is exaggerating the effect too.
  17. I figured out how to make it repeat. Spawn in, it works fine. Press Tab to turn off the chat and then my rudder and stick are double mapped. Select a new role and respawn. Fixed.
  18. That’s the zoom view effect, not anything to do with head tracking. And frankly that’s self limiting, you’re trading off FOV for scale, so no advantage is really gained. You could do the same effect looking forward. Many games have an adjustable FOV and I’m not aware of any that consider it a cheat, just for that reason. I personally find the default fisheye wide FOV to be really awkward, I’m sure it’s meant for triple screens. Plus your real life field of vision is about 200d. Put that on a monitor and this is the effect you get, so the screenshot here is actually “realistic”
  19. TrackIR cannot move your head through the canopy. I think we all know this but if you’ve never used it, it can’t. TrackIR doesn’t need “limits” it only affords you the same view you’d see in reality, albeit on a 2D screen. Head tracking cannot work with a 1:1 ratio. In order to see behind you on a screen which is in front of you the axis needs to be magnified. There’s no other way for it to work. Again, head tracking doesn’t allow you to see anything that the real pilot couldn’t nor does it let you move your view outside the canopy limit.
  20. It’s intermittent. It will work at first, stop working, then if I reselect a slot it will work again. It’s something to do with MP because this never happens offline. And it’s something to do with the latest updates because I’ve only ever had the same controllers mapped to DCS since I first got it in 2012 and never had this happen before in SP or MP
  21. I get that part. It’s rather a Catch-22
  22. I don’t worry about it being a cheat so much as it just being ugly and awkward.
  23. Head tracking only works if the motion is magnified, otherwise you’d literally need a monitor behind you… have you ever used it? VR doesn’t need a motion limit because it’s 1:1 already and you can see in 360d Do you seriously need this explained or are you just asking rhetorical questions?
  24. No I’m using sim mode offline too. I’ve played MP plenty of times before with no trouble. I only run the Stable version so the last time I did MP would have been a few updates back. This problem happened with both the F-18 and the M-2000C
  25. This. What you also see is he’s not strapped in like an F1 driver or astronaut. This is no more or less what you can see with head tracking or even VR if you’re in shape enough to turn your body.
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