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  1. Is it wrong that I can do a TWS lock of a target with the jammer on? Doesn’t the jammer nullify your own radar? When I launch I get the JAMMER ON message and of course the missile is lost.
  2. Ok well honestly all the “repairs” requested in DCS would take longer IRL than they do in the game. I guess that was the point of my OP. Since this was indeed aircraft damage I should have been able to get it repaired. Maybe this is just a WIP with the Hornet.
  3. That’s all I could figure. What’s odd was that landing and requesting repair didn’t fix it.
  4. I figured that part. But the ship wasn’t turning at this point. It kept happening repeatedly. Maybe it was lag.
  5. Brake is set and chocks are set In MP if the carrier starts turning I think the jet rolls a bit even with the chocks so you’ll get that message. But the carrier wasn’t turning at this point.
  6. Playing MP on DDCS I get this message trying to refuel and rearm. Why? I’m within the life points so I don’t think I have an invalid load-out. Why this message?
  7. After launch My gear handle is red, launch bar is up. Alarm sounding. No external view on MP to check. Try landing and request repair but that’s not able. What went wrong? Clearly this means the gear is in transit and not up, but why? I don’t have failures enabled.
  8. DCS should definitely add force feedback VR…. for realism!
  9. I never seem to black out in DCS. I fly the Hornet and M-2000C mostly. Maybe I’m just in the habit of not going there or the FBW keeps you out of that zone. These aircraft simulate G suits I’m sure. Maybe I should try WWII. Oh wait, I fly the F-86 too. Definitely that one will knock you out.
  10. I like the idea, as long as it’s done well. Just assume your virtual pilot is in much better physical condition than the average sim player This effect forces you to understand BFM much better and simple concepts like pursuit curves become realistically important. You can’t just pull hard into every bandit. Especially in WWII fighters where you aren’t wearing a G suit, you can’t just execute this sudden energy excursion to snap a shot, you’ll knock yourself unconscious. This kind of physiology effect makes the game feel real and visceral.
  11. Eh when my Stable Version window has closed its back to SP for me. I get the quandary here, without all these air defenses a few players in A-10s could get on the server during off hours and just destroy the entire map. Does that ever happen though? These missions don’t seem to run long enough to allow that.
  12. Well if realism is the goal where’s the F-117 strike package that would go take out this IADS? A realistic SP mission would have stuff like that.
  13. Sure IRL… real air defense systems would be kinda useless if they didn’t cover everything. this is a game though. A realistic one but still a game.
  14. I don’t do MP very often so maybe I’m not so familiar with typical mission design, I fly mostly on BuddySpike and DDCS when I get the chance. Every scenario map is just a giant overlapping SAM threat zone. To the point where SEAD looks like the only useful role and the game becomes a PvE game rather than PvP. Why design missions like this?
  15. Funny, it’s still launching with that box unchecked
  16. The TACAN isn’t working on the Syria Map CVN Roosevelt. Why’s that?
  17. The target I was looking at was high aspect, not notching, over the water so not hidden by terrain, right on the deck and pretty close. Almost like the player knew it would be an exploit.
  18. The station you need to take behind the tanker in order for it to respond is the same for everyone. And I’m using wake turbulence too. Yeah I’m veering off topic and getting into AAR itself though… It would be an even better idea to make all the radio commands usable with the HOTAS. Like you could just arrow up and down them with a hat switch etc.
  19. This always launches with DCS, is there a way to keep it off if it's not being used?
  20. Here's another track, rather long from MP but you can see the attempt to lock the bandit at the end https://www.dropbox.com/s/9x5ss8ev0hnlvza/BF Syria Modern 1.31.miz-dynamic-20210823-124316.zip?dl=0 Stable version
  21. Ok but you aren’t that close to the tanker when you call pre-contact. My point is if you’ve oscillating all over the sky trying to press F1. You aren’t “ready”
  22. Misery? Well now that you put it that way…
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