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  1. That’s the zoom view effect, not anything to do with head tracking. And frankly that’s self limiting, you’re trading off FOV for scale, so no advantage is really gained. You could do the same effect looking forward. Many games have an adjustable FOV and I’m not aware of any that consider it a cheat, just for that reason. I personally find the default fisheye wide FOV to be really awkward, I’m sure it’s meant for triple screens. Plus your real life field of vision is about 200d. Put that on a monitor and this is the effect you get, so the screenshot here is actually “realistic”
  2. TrackIR cannot move your head through the canopy. I think we all know this but if you’ve never used it, it can’t. TrackIR doesn’t need “limits” it only affords you the same view you’d see in reality, albeit on a 2D screen. Head tracking cannot work with a 1:1 ratio. In order to see behind you on a screen which is in front of you the axis needs to be magnified. There’s no other way for it to work. Again, head tracking doesn’t allow you to see anything that the real pilot couldn’t nor does it let you move your view outside the canopy limit.
  3. It’s intermittent. It will work at first, stop working, then if I reselect a slot it will work again. It’s something to do with MP because this never happens offline. And it’s something to do with the latest updates because I’ve only ever had the same controllers mapped to DCS since I first got it in 2012 and never had this happen before in SP or MP
  4. I get that part. It’s rather a Catch-22
  5. I don’t worry about it being a cheat so much as it just being ugly and awkward.
  6. Head tracking only works if the motion is magnified, otherwise you’d literally need a monitor behind you… have you ever used it? VR doesn’t need a motion limit because it’s 1:1 already and you can see in 360d Do you seriously need this explained or are you just asking rhetorical questions?
  7. No I’m using sim mode offline too. I’ve played MP plenty of times before with no trouble. I only run the Stable version so the last time I did MP would have been a few updates back. This problem happened with both the F-18 and the M-2000C
  8. This. What you also see is he’s not strapped in like an F1 driver or astronaut. This is no more or less what you can see with head tracking or even VR if you’re in shape enough to turn your body.
  9. But they can turn and look. Unless you want to add force feedback VR then you can’t simulate this effort in a game. Neither pilot can put their head through the canopy though.
  10. When I tried to play online (Buddy Spike and DDCS) my control assignments were scrambled, my rudder was controlling my stick. When I go offline everything works fine. Track Files here https://www.dropbox.com/s/yhuu8llk75vfee6/DDCS-Mission_run-20210820-163806.zip?dl=0 Stable version
  11. Having my head move through the canopy is something I find extremely ugly and annoying in the civy flight sims which are SP and non-competitive.
  12. The biggest thing missing from DCS? A Dynamic Campaign! Something you can do with the aircraft besides quick missions or canned scripted campaigns.
  13. Pilots can indeed turn to see their 6:00. The effort required to do this can’t be simulated in a PC game though. DCS does a pretty good job of simulating the head and shoulder turn when using head tracking.
  14. FWIW there’s a poll in that other sim with cockpit limits, 91% have never experienced sickness from it.
  15. SharpeXB

    TWS Loses Lock

    Thanks, that solved it.
  16. SharpeXB

    TWS Loses Lock

    I’ve seen that. And read the manual etc etc. I don’t see why when you’ve locked a target it continually gets unlocked unless it was notching or something. These aren’t. The only other A2A radar I use is the M-2000C and it never does this. You lock a target and lock means lock.
  17. The radar consistently loses lock in TWS mode. Tracks attached. Stable version lostlock3.zip
  18. Yeah and I do realize that the analogy of the laundry basket isn’t entirely correct. Because it’s not just the basket moving but the entire world you can perceive moving with it.
  19. I’d have to try it in DCS of course. But my experience using VR headsets is that they’re no more sickness inducing than the real thing would be. If you get sick on a real roller coaster you’d get sick in a VR roller coaster etc. But… having your virtual head moved or watching someone else’s head move. Absolutely sickness inducing. I had a funny experience of trying to have a meeting with people watching a screen of another persons VR feed that made the entire room sick This effect wouldn’t be moving your head, it would be your head moving an object. Like a door swinging when you press against it vs poking your head through it. Eh I’d have to actually try this in a flight sim to have a legit opinion and odds are I won’t use VR any time soon so that’s enough from me on the subject. Good point. You’d have to be able to see what you’re up against like canopy frames or reflections.
  20. And this “hard limit” doesn’t move the players head. It moves the canopy with their head. Although I haven’t used VR in sims I’ve used the HMDs professionally. They’re amazing in how real they feel. So what I imagine this limit feeling like is sticking the aforementioned laundry basket over your head and then bumping into it and having it move. Would that make you sick? Probably not. It’s possible that people suffer from VR sickness generally and attribute it to the canopy effect. Indeed I find that effect using TrackIR in other sims to be super jarring and just ugly.
  21. I find it very immersion breaking. It makes the aircraft feel fake. And looks bad and sounds bad. Certainly it’s a lot easier to go through the boundary if your head tracking is more sensitive. The solution in those other sims is to turn down the lateral sensitivity. In fact that doesn’t really need to be more than about 1:1, only the rotational axis needs that. The trouble you run into with head tracking when desensitizing it is that you need the ability to move your view to do things in a clickable cockpit like look at switches under the throttle etc. so trying to be too real with it gets restrictive. Those other sims, X-Plane and MSFS aren’t combat games where you’re straining to look all around but it’s still a rather big quality flaw IMO for those. For example the Pitts biplane has a small canopy and if you do aerobatics it’s sorta ugly and awkward clipping your head through it all the time.
  22. I don’t use VR but if I did, the ability to move my head through the aircraft would be a big no-go. I find that very immersion breaking using TrackIR in sims which don’t have limits. You can inadvertently move your head into the headrest etc and blind yourself. It makes the aircraft seem unreal and ethereal. For me to even consider VR there would have to be cockpit boundaries.
  23. Just curious if this is some sort of bug or realistic. As much as I understand, WP 00 is the aircraft’s own position, so it would only make sense that this would be selected when doing the alignment. Why would you select a random unused waypoint instead?
  24. The A-10C and M-2000C have checklists. Perhaps some others will once they are out of Early Access.
  25. Such up close and personal combat would definitely make it necessary that the AI aircraft use the same FM as the player. Currently the DCS engine doesn’t do that. An enemy plane flying like a UAP 20-30 miles away is much less jarring than at 20-30 yards.
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