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  1. I’m amazed that this is working, I had worried that you’d need such a fast refresh rate in order not to perceive blurring. That’s awesome. The resolution part of this dilemma is solvable though. Getting the CPU bottleneck addressed is the big hurtle. Let’s see some magic devoted to that and we have a winner.
  2. Scroll down to “Automatically Tailored for You” ”The eye tracking also allows for advanced dynamic foveated rendering to take place to further enhance application performance.”
  3. Oh awesome. I see that now. I thought it was just using the eye tracking to set the IPD
  4. That’s very cool. I’m a hold-out as far as this tech goes but this gets my attention. The games have to be able to perform on these things though. The new Sony PSVR is supposed to have foveated rendering, I wonder why this doesn’t?
  5. Check the HOTAS commands section of the manual since that’s how it’s controlled. It would use the same key bindings as the HOTAS.
  6. Sure but I don’t think most DCS players would like the idea of ED devoting resources towards gameplay roles and features that would likely go unused.
  7. It’s almost comic that some people think DCS could be made so much more popular by adding these super boring roles to it. Like these recent suggestions: flying as a non-combat passenger refueling the aircraft doing ground crew stuff like rearming the aircraft wandering lost as a downed pilot in search of rescue playing as cannon fodder infantry man if this counts as entertainment for you guys, that’s scary
  8. You guys are thinking like this is a sandwich that you can buy half of for less money. It’s not. It’s software! There aren’t labor or material savings which would make selling half the product at a lower cost feasible. No matter the role you play in you need the same module. This request is no different than just asking for a discount. If that’s what you want then wait for a sale. Imagining that you can buy half the module for less is just silly, it’s not a sandwich
  9. DCS and one other combat flight sim are the only games I own which don’t have HDR. It needs an upgrade for sure.
  10. Wow, seems like a great feature. HDR would certainly be a boost for DCS, especially in that all important aspect of being able to discern targets. It’s clear too that Auto HDR doesn’t quite produce as good an image as native HDR, so an even better improvement would be for DCS to get native HDR.
  11. Pretty sure HDR would have to be supported by the game. Ace Combat probably supports HDR. I think what Widows 11 auto switching means is that you don’t have to manually enable it like you do in W10. Many HDR games have an auto-on setting within the game. Some require you to enable it in Windows before launching the game.
  12. In the PC gaming demographic it’s even lower https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to-Steam
  13. So basically anything worth using. Sorry there just isn’t room in the market for another OS anymore than there is for two video tape formats etc. Customers benefit more from standardization, not from competing formats. That’s just anarchy.
  14. I keep seeing this happen too, can’t figure why. The TACAN will be working when I start up and when I’m approaching on RTB, then goes missing at some point.
  15. PS doesn’t look like MSFS has this. Maybe the whole concept is distantly related to mouse-look being connected to cockpit operation for those without head tracking. But today having head tracking or VR is the norm but games somehow haven’t kept with the times in this regard.
  16. Rather an important feature for an OS huh? Being able to run software…
  17. If you notice, most multiplayer games have about 12 players in them, not enough to engage in something complex and coordinated like this. The vast vast majority of players will simply respawn after ejecting and not wander around DCS world for hours on foot. So this feature would pretty much go unused. You can already walk around after parachuting to the ground, for what it’s worth.
  18. Again what you guys are totally missing here is that this request just boils down to asking Heatblur to sell the Tomcat at a +/-50% discount. I’m sure that price point isn’t feasible.
  19. DCS doesn’t have HDR… but it should!
  20. That’s the problem, they were affordable If you combine the higher quality HOTAS products today with a FFB feature the resulting device would probably be too expensive. Although racing has gear like that. Maybe someday there can be Fanatek Flight!
  21. It would be cool if flight had the kind of high quality FFB gear that racing does. But... $$$ I'm sure
  22. Does anyone make FFB rudder pedals?
  23. Linux… No benefit whatsoever for ED to port this game onto an OS used by 1% of its customers. This is just about the most ridiculous wish list topic I can imagine
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