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  1. Landing back on the boat was fun without a functioning velocity vector or AOA bracket
  2. The Hornet is a very good module to focus on IMO 1. it’s nearly complete and will be out of EA shortly. 2. it’s multi role so you can do A2A and A2G
  3. I had this happen again and I think it could be caused by changing the scale on the HSI map prior to completing the alignment Track file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hg83d2qyrao9624/AADs9kvft1CYmGO7je7bXaV1a?dl=0
  4. I don’t understand why watching your aircraft fly itself and AAR in-game is any more beneficial than watching the same thing on a video. Many tutorials show you the control indicator as well.
  5. 3.5% of gamers are using Windows 7... your point is?
  6. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/world/ “Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) 2.5 is a free-to-play digital battlefield game. Our dream is to offer the most authentic and realistic simulation of military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles and ships possible” A simulation is a subset of game. All sims are games but not all games are sims. Simulator games attempt to be as “authentic and realistic as possible” Games have no such goals or aspirations. Artificial helper features which control the aircraft for the player in a manner which is not aut
  7. At this stage, that assumption is far from certain. In flight sims, VR usage has remained at a flat 11-12% for the last 3 years, according to the Navigraph survey, which is a large sampling of this genre. You could question the % of players in civ vs combat sims but the fact that this % shows no change over three years means VR is stalled in its adoption for flight sims. In PC gaming overall, the Steam Hardware survey has VR in a steady sub-2% range for many years. For consoles, the PSVR has an attach rate of about 4% and the Xbox has no VR at all.
  8. A silly Nintendo game has nothing to do with DCS But ok sure I get it, even kiddo arcade games didn’t have an auto-play mode where you watched the game play itself for you.
  9. Nintendo?! Seriously... (This isn’t a console kiddie game)
  10. I personally like starting the aircraft. It’s just immersive and cool. I would never dream of using Auto Start. Starting is easy if you do it every time you fly. It’s just one memorized reflex.
  11. Aha We get to play with VR headsets now an make our clients
  12. Something is wrong here The HUD shows Kobuleti to be 59.3 miles away when it's only about 15 Track File here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h090mbb54jl4u81/AACaZt4m6q3c8Q-WyW1GBuSwa?dl=0
  13. In this mission the radio comms stopped after landing taking off from Kobuletti. I got the radio speech from the ground crew loading the package. But nothing afterwards. No incoming ATC from the Stennis, even though I landed the mission was considered a fail since there was no radio comms. Track file here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h090mbb54jl4u81/AACaZt4m6q3c8Q-WyW1GBuSwa?dl=0
  14. Flight sims have not really been a big market... and the rate has remained at a constant 11-12% from 2018-2020 ie it’s not growing. VR is basically stalled in the gaming market. Now it will be interesting to see what effect MSFS has because it represents a giant growth in the flight sim genre. It’s the 4th top selling PC game right now. But TrackIR has nothing to worry about. My guess would be a very high % of players in combat flight sims use head tracking. Since the game is nearly unplayable without it. Plus you can DIY it for free. The Navigraph survey is 80% civ sim play
  15. VR is only being used by a constant 11-12% of flight sim players over the last 3 years and isn’t really growing, according to the Navigraph Survey. So it’s not much competition.
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