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  1. If anyone wants to be an actual 3rd party Dev then they can do that, provided they have the ability. People who are modders are likely doing this as a hobby just for fun and don’t want the pressure of having actual customers.
  2. The Legal F-15s? I’m sure there’s a straight forward way to become a 3rd party developer. And there’s not an in-between route like you’re trying to imagine. It seems you’re just trying to figure out a way to spam low quality content into the game.
  3. Sure… ED is going to pay the legal fees for modders to make free content (not)
  4. If I was a Dev I sure wouldn’t make a non-combat aircraft for a combat sim.
  5. I don’t think any 3rd party Dev would agree with your logic.
  6. I very much doubt anything like a Cessna will ever get made for DCS.
  7. Yeah the Hornet is the Hornet! It’s vastly more complex. Please tell us you understand the difference. The Hornet will get finished. The CEII probably never will be. It’s no doubt sold any copies it will ever sell by now. And anyone looking at it as an indicator of interest in that segment for DCS has living proof of failure.
  8. Because the only GA module for this game, the CEII, is still incomplete in EA after nearly 5 years! If that’s not a bad indicator I don’t know what would be. Clearly that module didn’t sell enough to fund it’s development. So why would anyone else get in that market? I’ll say that again ALMOST FIVE YEARS! Are you freakin kidding?! That’s an eternity to develop a simple single engine biplane and one that’s arguably more interesting than a Cessna.
  9. 40% of DCS players are not going to buy a Cessna module. And any 3rd party Dev could make 10,000x the money selling a civ module to that other giant civy sim. Or probably not even then since there are already so many other 172 DLCs out there.
  10. How does a nearly 2:1 “no” vote lead to that conclusion?
  11. As far as I know if you clear an assignment in the Controls Menu, it stays cleared. Unless you reset to default.
  12. Obviously I’m referring to the Yak 52
  13. If you don’t want to hit them inadvertently, just remap it with a key combo.
  14. Well as a gameplay mechanic it wouldn’t matter. I think a human player wouldn’t be too eager to spend an hour waiting to spawn in again in MP. Doing this in a dynamic campaign would be better.
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