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  1. Is it just me or is a "tinted" effect put on the windows from this? It makes low light and night flying a bit harder.
  2. I hope this gets fixed sometime soon, it's not a good first impression for new customers.
  3. Is it possible to setup logic in the lua so that the MFCD size is different depending on the aircraft? Eg If current_aircraft == Su-25T width = blah height = blah1 If current_aircraft == A-10A width = blah3 height = blah4
  4. Hi there Alpenwolf, first I'd like to thank you so much for the server. Having a server that focuses on teamwork, communication and combined arms is absolutely ace. By also focusing on Cold War tech, it makes the conflict much more tactile and crunchy instead of being a BVR missile slinging match, and for the ground the limitations on PGMs and the construction of targets give us a reason to use dumb weapons, which is rather rare in DCS! I've been having a great time in my Mi-8, Su-25, A-10A and doing GCI intercepts. However one thing I find strange is your position against having a discord. I understand your objections about it with regards to wanting people to use SRS and not discord voice chat, but I think it would really help things if we had a text-only discord setup so that people interested in the server had a common area to hang out in, put out calls for more players, discuss airframes and tactics, and so on. If you are still against it, would you be opposed to the creation of an unofficial DCS Cold War Discord?
  5. I have installed and activated the clear glass mode in 2.7 Beta standalone, and it seems like the reflections are still there. Has something changed since you made this mod?
  6. I just started using this and wow it's everything I wanted. Thanks for making this man, I hope you can find the time to keep it updated :)
  7. Thank you both for your answers. Now for that link that don_sangria posted, I wonder if I can trick one of the A10C MFCD display android apps to display the shkval... Or Etc. Hell the big thing really would be to get the SPO-15 exporting, it's in such an awkward position...
  8. I am no developer, but I'm just curious as to the possibilities of the export.lua functionality potential. For example, is it possible to export the video for FC3 arcraft displays? eg, Su-25T Shkval, Mig-29 HDD. Are there any other braod stroke limitations on what can be done? Eg, DCS:A10C has better functionality compared to FC3 aircraft.
  9. Does such a thing exist? I know there is hte manual, but I am looking for soothing a little bit more focused on the application of the systems than their raw technical stats. Considering how much the systems change between patches, you can't be sure if your missiles are effective or not for example. For instance I've heard that 27ER is now longer ranged than 120C, and hell if I can find a source confirming this! :joystick:
  10. Go into "Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Effects\PFX" Then open the folders High and Medium cut and paste the files: Ground Ground1 Ground2 smokecloud into another folder "disabled". This removes the particle effects that cause the slow-down. It reduces the eye candy, but you can still tell where your rounds are falling. I posted this earlier this year, I'm surprised it's not in any of the big guides.
  11. This would be wonderful and I'd love it to be usable with all aircraft. I'd pay no more than $5 however.
  12. Well I was just in a multipliayer mission to just see my SEAD Kh's just explode in-front of me....
  13. Not to toot my own horn... http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=101684
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