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  1. Art-J To be clear, for my benefit... I need to create a P-51-25-NA folder, then copy-n-paste the P-51-30-NA input folder into it? V
  2. Thrustmast Warthog stick n throttle, pendulum pedals, and CH throttle quad in the P-51 have recently re-set to default several times on me on their own. All other modules unaffected. Anyone know why the Pony can't keep its binding assignments? V
  3. I recently upgraded to a 2080ti. Now, after a few minutes in, the sim keeps flying, but all my flight controls stop working while the sim continues on smoothly. Any ideas why? Never had this before. Don't think it's an issue in IL-2. V
  4. Is there a path to set the game resolution manually? The cursor is not in sync to click on icons to reset it in-game. Thnx, V
  5. After installing DCS Open Beta on a brand new PC, the updater initializes, runs a few seconds, then I get a box with an X in it saying “Timeout was reached”. DCS Updater I can’t even get to the main screen to access the module manager. V
  6. Well, I think I found out what the deal is. I re-installed DCS World 2.5, not Open Beta. All my squadron mates have Open Beta. I am starting a transfer over to a new PC. I went to install DCS World. Am I seeing this right? Open Beta is no longer available for download? V
  7. I recently upgraded to Xfinity xFi. The old router had no issues hosting for my squadron, but now they don't see me when I boot up a mission. I opened the 10308 port as per the Xfinity app instructions, but to no avail. I called Xfinity, and they said 10308 is too narrow for others to see me. I need to open a port with a range. What is the preferred 10308 port range to Port Forward for hosting please? V
  8. The centerline, ladder lines, and drop down lights are the only deck mounted light sources that shine aft. The red foul line lights only shine forward. The lights are all mounted in flush plates that are grooved for these lights to shine in only one direction. I'ld like to see this corrected on the Stennis. Hope Heatblur got the Forrestal correct. ;-) V
  9. Never mind…. Radion released a newer update today that resolved it. V
  10. In DCS ONLY, After DCS loads to the main menu, the cursor is off-set to all functions. It highlights the first icon in the lower left by having the mouse cursor up where the new messages from DCS developers comes in. To exit out, the cursor highlights "Exit" on the lower right from almost mid-screen. I ran a repair to no avail. How do I fix this? Thanks, V
  11. … and on a side note. Wingtips are generating vorticies while sitting on the flight deck. Carrier going 12kts with wind down the angle at 10kts. V
  12. Cant we get an H-60 to link to the CV and fly the Plane Guard Starboard D pattern in the Helo's profile soon? Thanx, V
  13. ASW boring? No it isn't! It's is an intense game of cat and mouse. My quickest kill in a trainex was within 10 min of gaining contact on an LA class. The S-3 could carry 10 Mk-82/83 bombs, 6 on the wings and 4 in the bays (2 each side). 4 Mk-46/50 Torpedoes could be carried in the bays as well. ASW in DCS? That is a LOT to ask for. Most of it too classified to do it correctly. I know, I have over 2,000 hours in WarHoovers as a SENSO. Almost everything mission-wise started from my seat. You would have to model all four seats to coordinate a proper ASW mission. That ain't happenin'. Furthermore, the science involved below the surface would have to be modeled in - some of which is classified. Knowing the tactics to employ sensors based on the water column involved... Most definitely classified. Each sono-buoy dropped in the water becomes its own radio navigation source. ADF data from the buoy's allowed the pilot to mark-on-top to maintain the buoy's position in the real world. Meaning if you don't keep your buoy positions updated due to current drift, how do you know where the submarine is? Anti-Surface missions are much more feasible with bombs, rockets, CBU's, Harpoon, Slam, and Maverick missiles. However, a single pilot can not do this. The pilot's PDF only displays "symbology" that can not be used as a targeting source. It is strictly a source for pilot situational awareness. No sensors can be used on it. You would need - at beast- the Co-Tacs MFD to display Radar, ESM, MAD, Flir, and Maverick seeker head imagery to display data for targeting, then transfer that to the pilot's PFD. Seeing S-3's as AI tankers is fun for me. Love seeing my old squadron on the tail (VS-22 Checkmates) - radio callsign the "Vidars" brings back fond memories and immersion in the sim. I'd have to sadly agree, the A-6 and/or A-7 would be a more acceptable add to the flight deck. S-3's sitting on the deck, and as AI tankers are a terrific addition. However, As a member of the Black Sheep, when are we gonna get our F-4U's with Carriers?!!! ;-) Vidar
  14. For some reason, Just in the M-2000, when I click OK in the key command/axis assignments area, the screen goes completely black and DCS locks up. Nothing is saved, and the only way out of DCS is contl + alt + delete through the task manager. I noticed the M-2000 doesn't have game or sim modes options like the FC aircraft. Anyone tell me why the Mirage is doing this? Vidar
  15. That was the problem! After a full fresh install of 2.5, I made sure the windows default res recommendation was set in-game. Then I selected full screen. THANX! V
  16. OK thanks... After I reinstall, if this happens again. (since the settings icon may not be clickable) how to I set the native resolution files? My recommended settings for my monitor is 3840 x 2160. V
  17. Here's what I've done... Uninstalled all DCS, searched my HDs for any old DCS residual folders and deleted everything. Something in those old files may be causing this. I am now doing a straight to DCS 2.5 download from the DCS website. Not updating through 1.5. Hope this works, or I'm gonna reinstall Win10 to ensure all olf files are gone. V
  18. I went back in and re-installed 1.5, and 2.1 and let them update. Now I'm locked out of both versions in the same manner. It will not auto initiate the update to 2.5 via 1.5. Why has DCS boot page for all versions now locked up for me? V
  19. When it first booted up, it came on in a reduced window. I went into settings to change it to full screen, now none of the icons in the main boot up page are clickable. I can't get into settings, or go into Module Manager. The only way I can shut down 2.5 now is to Ctrl/Alt/Delete into Task Manager to shut it down. Any way to fix this? V
  20. Am I missing a step here? I often fly against folks that can see and track me beyond my ability to see their aircraft. I literally watch their plane disappear at a certain distance. I usually fly the Pony or the Spit against folks that can set up Boom-n-Zoom attacks on me way before I can see their aircraft. I actually hear them before I see them! How are they be seeing me when their plane isn't drawing for me graphically. I have a Radion R9 8Gig video card and a Samsung 28" 4K monitor, with max settings. What am I missing? I don't mind being out flow by a good pilot, but out gamed by taking advantage of a video fart? V
  21. Nevermind... a PC reboot allows activation. Apparently it was hidden under the Armour. I suggest download the map, run DCS, activate it, then exit. Then download the Armour, start up DCS and activate it. That way one activation doesn't cover the other. V
  22. For those just now downloading 2.1 for the first time for the purpose of getting the WWII map, and do not have the Nevada map are having issues. They are not seeing the WWII map after install, or getting the prompt to enter the activation code. I believe the map didn't install to the right place. I remember we had to make a path before installing the Nevada map before we could download it. I think these new folks are missing that step. Anyone remember what we did back then? I sure don't. V
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