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  1. We had one here on base couple days ago. From B-1b Lancer Pilots to the crew chiefs P: Temperature adjustment will not turn hot in Auto mode S: Heater installed in OSO (Offensive Systems Officer) Ejection Seat. Pilot and Crew chief were good friends other wise crew chief would have been in some serious trouble for messing with the AC forms. The Temperature control panel has 2 modes. Auto and manual, Auto obviously adjusts according to what the pilot and copilot set it at. To hot it gets cold. Etc.
  2. Hey Nice Name, Just thought i would let you know that the squadron i am in in the USAF is the 9 Bomb Squadron. Our Motto is Mors Ab Alto, Which means -Death From Above-. So again i say, Very well picked name.
  3. I chose Flight. Just because i think flight comes before combat. You need to have everything right before you start going into dogfights. Dynamics, speed. If its wrong then its just not the same.
  4. HEy IK, I have an Nvidia 6600Gt w/ 256mb. I don't know what Driver i have currently installed. I do know i got it off the Nvidia website. And yes i am currently stationed at Dyess AFB working on the Bone. I am a Weapons specialist right now.I get to load the 500 and 2k pound bombs the pilots drop on peoples heads. Its a job. :D:joystick:
  5. not to highjack your thread warthog, but i've had similar problems. Except mine as soon as i click Record AVI i drop straight to desktop with no warning window or anything of the sort. Just drops like as if i wasn't even running LO. To this day i don't think it works.
  6. Alright that fixed it Cosmo. Thanks a million. Everything is back to normal now. S!
  7. Ok. Thanks for explanation. That's probably what happened. I don't ever recall loading an A-10 mod to change it to the F-16 however. It only happened oddly enough when i installed the Walmis F-15 Mod. I don't know why but thats when all the non flyables turned to flyables. Where can i get the A-10.cmd that you are speaking of Brit? Any ideas?
  8. nope that wasn't it either. It has something to do with some kinda skin over lapping the A-10. and i can't find out where its at. i went through modman and that didn't specify any mods or anything for the a-10. I can't seem to figure it out. I have to get to work but any suggestions please are greatly appreciated. And thanks IK, and Cosmonaut for the help thus far. S!
  9. no i took the existing one completely out of the file. It is sitting on my desktop. Its just the F-16 skins that are there. When i do the payload the weapons look like they are on the A-10 wings. I'l get a s/s Heres the screenies of what im talking about. How do i get rid of that F-16 skin?
  10. Ok. that is done. Now i think the only problem is somewhere there is a skin for the F-16 that is replacing the A-10. I went through and everything is back to normal except when you hit payload on the A-10 it shows up as an F-16 still. Same as in game. Jump in and you are in the cockpit of the A-10 but flying the F-16. ANy ideas?
  11. Hey IK, It isn't a zip folder, i tried using WinRar and WinZip and it just gives me an eror saying that its not the right type of file. Should i just change the name from meinit.xml.f15back to meinit.xml?
  12. When i installed Walmis's F-15 mod it gave me a bunch of different flyables. SUch as i could fly the F-117, Su-30, One of those mods was the A-10 was turned into an F-16 with the cockipt of the A-10 so you can fire the Mavericks. I want to get rid of those flyables so i just have the originals. I.E F-15, A-10, Su-33, etc.
  13. :helpsmilie:Ok. Heres the problem. I have the Walmis F-15 Mod installed. I uninstalled it, but its still there. I just want my A-10 back to normal. How do i go about changing the Non Human cockpit of the F-16 back to the regular A-10? I want to fly my A-10 without looking at the F-16. PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME. I don't know what to do. Love the F-15 Model, but want to get rid of all the Non flyables made Flyable by it.:(:cry: SO PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks if you can help. S! :pilotfly:
  14. i'm downloading now Trail give me a sec and i will comment. Edit: Just finished watching. Love the song. ALways gotta love the Top Gun Theme. The sound effects worked with it too. Now if you just start putting video in you'll be there. S!
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