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  1. There is also Merville Calonne and Abbeville, suitable for jets. High Halden, (Sabre). ..
  2. Take off at max weight, 14 lb. over 50 ft. is 795 yards. ..
  3. That's one of the best I've seen. Plenty of tips for the virtual pilot included. ..
  4. From video. Manufactures recommended profile to pierce a medium tank armour, with GAU 12U cannon. 5 deg dive, 500 kts, shoot at 3000', stop at 2000', to penetrate 2.5 inches. Gun is engineering test unit. Ammo is API U. Harrier has fixed sights. ..
  5. I did some stuff a while ago, on anti ship missiles in this thread, which might give you some ideas. Pages 6 and 7. ..
  6. Yes, I use Natops extensively for mission profiles, fuel consumption comparison and to find out how the stuff actually works in real life. Invaluable reading. ..
  7. Quite a bit actually, including taildraggers. The Spitfire and Harrier are my favourites and both required an enormous ammount of effort to get right. If I have time off and come back, I have to re-learn and put time in to get back in shape. After contiually crashing back in 2016, I finally got the hang, (a light bulb moment), when it all came together and I did 3 landings in a row. This is what makes it all so good.
  8. I've always used the neutral trim, (0) and full right rudder trim, for a smooth take off. With drop tanks or a bomb, the default still works, (+2), but plus 1 is better. This also works in another sim. ..
  9. 2 notch down from initial position is 0 deg. (neutral). ..
  10. Yes, it was dumbed down, to placate the people who couldn't do it, much to the anoyance of people who put the effort in to master it. And still it goes on. ..
  11. QUESTION. IS THE HARRIER EVER GOING TO GET DIVE TOSS? .. A10C II HOTAS config. X52 H.O.T.A.S. {0D16B5F0-7EEA-11e9-8005-444553540000}.diff.lua
  12. Thanks for the info. I've used dive toss and toss, with bombs, CBU, and rockets, but never GBU. ..
  13. 18 months ago I started this thread after I had just bought the Harrier. It was a way of using 'toss bombing', (used in the Falklands war) which hadn't yet been introduced in this module. It still hasn't been introduced, despite the Harrier being out of EA and deemed "feature complete". So, is this feature going to be introduced or not? The manual is supposed to be complete, but not finished. What does that mean? Will it include, Toss Bombing instructions and if not, will that point to it not being implemented? If it is included, then the Harrier is not "feature complete. TB
  14. Your inclusion of the ai wingman came after my post and as far as I know, it will land at the nearest airport, rether than vertical land with you. You can refuel/arm at the FARP, if you are close enough. 150 mtr. ..
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