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  1. VH-Rock

    P-47D 'Nellie B'

    Glad you like it
  2. This sounds great - well done! I'd definitely be keen for an android version
  3. Well, here's my entry. Europe's only airworthy P-47 Thunderbolt 'Nellie B'. Userfiles link: P-47 Nellie B (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  4. I'll try to remember to upload mine later.
  5. Do you guys have any mods installed? Maybe you're failing the integrity check.
  6. Go to your DCS World install, bin/modelviewer2.exe and open the P-47D model. In one of the menus, there is an option to generate a description.lua - This generated lua will list all the textures / materials applied to the model. Look through the list for something that looks like the prop hub and it should give you the name of the texture / material required to paint it. Then open the default P-47 textures and find/modify it. If you're still struggling, I'll have a look over the weekend but it shouldn't be too hard to do
  7. Oblique Loop training - 14/01/21
  8. Looks like it just got created!
  9. Hi folks, I thought I'd introduce the Virtual Ultimate Fighters! Representing the U.K's asymmetric warbird formation aerobatic team, we fly 4 of the DCS warbirds in close formation. In the lead position we have the P-47D Thunderbolt, on the right wing we have the Spitfire, on the left wing we have the 109 and in the slot we have the TF-51D Mustang. Learning to fly 4 very different aircraft together in formation is an interesting challenge. The first few training sessions stayed relatively flat and over the last few weeks we have progressively gone through steeper wingov
  10. Great job, Bo! Thanks again
  11. Firstly, thanks for adding the pilot body - it really adds to the immersion for me! Sadly, I suffer a huge fps loss with the pilot body activated. Locked at 60 fps usually, look down at the seat base with pilot body in view and my FPS drops to 20-25. Hide the pilot body and it immediately jumps back to a stable 60... I hope this can be fixed. Great work! Loving the P-47
  12. Yes, default position is automatic so it will adjust itself as necessary. If you hit the switch, it will change to manual and will be fully open all the time. Basically, I would leave it on auto pre take-off, as long as your not hanging around on the ground for too long. I only use manual when I break into the circuit and I'm going to have the flaps down.
  13. Can't wait for this! Looking great
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