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  1. Disregard, problem solved with the correct licence number entered...:doh:
  2. Hi, I just bought the ATC licence but I don't know how to activate it?... VOICE ATTACK says that I have to activate it I 'm unable to activate it via the 'EX" tab in the Configuration Windows... Moreover the ATC licence doesn't appear in my VAICOM PRO Registered licence info:huh:
  3. Sympa, un petit air de Bensky et Much...;)
  4. Yes. I don't know if it can help but here it is the copy of the VAICOMPRO Logs You can see that the DCS path seems right but It can't find Open Beta... If anyone on STEAM could check its "configuartion" for the path... VAICOM PRO logfile Plugin version (release) License: PRO Executing automatic lua code installation. Custom install path used for 2.5 DCS World installation path = E:\STEAM\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\DCS World OpenBeta Saved Games folder = C:\Users\HORNET\Saved Games\DCS Unchanged: Export.lua Reset: VAICOMPRO.export.lua Reset: RadioC
  5. Hi Same problem for me. VAICOMPRO stops the launch of DCS at 10%. I am on the Open Beta via STEAM and I had never experienced any issues before the latest VAICOMPRO update...
  6. Very nice! :thumbup: ps: tu n'a pas perdu la main depuis "lockon demo bravo"...;)
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