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  1. The distance is roughly 2cm's. But i don't think it goes 16° in bank sideways, it doesn't feel like that. Maybe i got a setting wrong but it feels like it can handle more angle in pitch then in bank.
  2. This is my 15 year old 'pit', it was a tripple monitor setup but VR brought it back to one . Distance between the two sides is 52 cm ans it fits perfectly. one side is on wheels and opens up so it is easy to get in. Currently my GA option with yoke is installed but in a couple of minutes my joystick can be center mounted with 10cm extension.
  3. Hi Hunchy, Thanks fo reading my post. For me personally it's not a deal breaker that my controls are not moving (it doesn't even feel like that, it even helps in tricking your brain because your hands are not moving and your body is, so your brain tells you watch out something is moving). In all the gametrix seat gives you more feedback but the seatmover is more fun. Have been bush flying this weekend in FS2020 with the cub, this is where the seat comes to life. I use the entire range of the motion without any balancing problems, i even lifted the back of t
  4. I just wanted to give my humble opinion about my first steps into motion platforms, as useful information for people who are looking into this side of the hobby (which is a ‘niche’ in a ‘niche’). I was not really considering getting into motion simming but got the change to take over a complete home build cockpit for a very reasonable price only 20 minutes away from my home. I already have a reasonable complete rig but needed a new seat and a new yoke for my GA flying so I bought the entire thing. Setup was easier than I expected, with the rig there was also a licence for si
  5. Thanks for the advice, tested a few configurations yesterday and ended up with the soft aviator cams and single #50's. The 'click' is gone but still a bit to soft around the center for me but already a huge difference.
  6. Hi Guys, Recently bought a Gunfighter MKIII with the 10 cm extension. Really like the product. But i am a bit struggling which cams and spring combination to use. I personally like strong recentering but no click around the middle (smooth transition between the axis). I used the aviator and space cams with moderate strong springs but i always get the 'click'. On my previous TM Warthog is never had the 'click' and it is a bit hard to get used to. Any Advise
  7. Hi, I installed FPSVR and it is a bit of a dissapointment, my CPU is bottlenecking regarding frametimes. i guess only a new CPU will solve my problem?
  8. My PD is set to 1, with a new (beta copy) its the same, not one core is getting to 100% I have no idea
  9. Hi Adam, I am installing a new copy (beta) of dcs, lets see what that gives.
  10. Hi Sukebe, Thanks for the tips, tried them all, nothing happens its like something is holding it back. CPU is only at 50% and my GPU at 35%, memory at 55%
  11. Hi Guys, Recently changed from a vive pro to the HP Reverb. All works well in x-plane on high settings but i cant seem to get it to work with dcs, i tried multiple guides here on the forum but no matter what i do: high, low, super low settings in DCS or steam FPS gets stuck between 20 and 45 max (unplayable). I have a i7-7700k, 32gb ram, 2080TI and everything on SSD's Any help?
  12. Hi Guys, I can’t seem to get my rotary encoders working (with every rotation I get two simultaneously button inputs no matter if I go to the right or left, I have two of them from Leo Bodnar paired with the BBI-32 button box. I know that Leo states on his website that you have to put in to the software “encoder mode”, but I do not know which kind of software (with the one provided by leo I cant find “ encoder mode “). Any help please?
  13. I opened up my warthog stick because it was nog running smooth anymore, a cable (that goes through the joint) was snapt of during the process, soldered it and reassembled the stick. Now windows doesn't recognize my stick anymore. Any help maybe?
  14. Hi Parxuk, For me it doesn't work with the hand controllers, i use a trackball mouse together with the tracking capability of the headset (move the cursor with your head), this works best for me.
  15. @ Voight: Thanks for your advise, i can buy a barely used pimax 8k here locally for half the price (that's why i am tempted). I don't mind that it's not plug and play, i however want a flyable experience in DCS, if i have to invest in a new card i would be willing to do so, but then offcourse it needs to be playable (i read a lot of mixed reactions regarding this point).
  16. After reading this section i am a bit tempted to take the plunge into pimax. But a few questions still remain. Is it even possible to use the pimax with a 1080 card (the 8g version)?, my CPU is a 7700 (this seems ok). Do i need lighthouses for DCS (or only for non sitting games)?
  17. Thanks for the many reply's, i probably pre-order the rift s as it is almost certain it will work well with dcs. Honestly, if i max up settings and pixel density the image gets way clearer, but then the FPS drops to unplayable. Currently for me (when i play with the settings) it's a trade-off between a clear cockpit or clear outside environment. I hope with upcoming improvements we can have both.
  18. As probably many of you guys, I am ready for a new vr headset. After two and a half years of loyal service my rift CV1 is ready to be replaced. I really like the CV1 but for more complex missions in ‘modern’ jets (FA18 or the Warthog) where you spend a lot of time pushing buttons and planning, it just isn’t good enough due to the blurriness (so you have to continuously zoom in). I know Pimax and the new Valve index will or have high resolution screens but I invested a decent amount of money in a new PC last year (GTX 1080 and i7 7700k), and I am not planning on investing again in hardwa
  19. Hi Guys, I am looking into buying a motion platform (used in combination with vr) which I will be only using for flight sims (DCS, Aerofly and elite). After weeks of browsing the internet it seems that hardware is more than available (simukit is only 30 min away from where I live and there is a dealer in the area of next level motion platforms and there are some other dealers in France as well). The software part on the other hand seems to be another kind of story. I read a lot of mixed story’s from ok to not working at all. I know there are some DCS users who own motion platforms .
  20. I watched some you tube documentaries on the harrier and noticed that the harrier can only hover for 90 seconds due to overheating engines (water runs out). Even with almost empty tanks and no payload. When i fly in dcs i can hover over the entire airfield without any issues. is this realistic?
  21. Hi Guys, Great module the AV-8B! I am in the proces of using the tv to lock targets and ccrp the hell out of them. But i can only do it once. In other words i cannot unlock the target, is there a way to reset the target designation system? Thanks,
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