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  1. Hi back, i wouldn´t say that this the worst performance ever... because during the last updates the VR-Performance has been much worse... but you´re right: the stutters are driving me crazy as well... i realised as well - but this might be imagination - that the image clarity has somehow degraded... i could not describe it better... i would have rolled back to an old version, but playing online would not work... Just keep calm... the next update will probably get much better...
  2. Hi... no, the mod hasn´t been installed during the comparisson between before and after the installation of the patch... The VR-Mod didn´t make any difference in performance to me either. Nor 3 weeks ago and a few minutes ago... the fps are exactly the same... any idea? pS: yes, i did everything mentioned in the manual of the VR-Mod
  3. The new update didn´t work for me... of course it erased the blackend areas at the edge of the Vr-Headset during rapid moving and the asw might work... BUT: before i had a steady 45 fps performance (as well with messed-up-updates of the last few days), but now i´m stuck with fps around 35 fps... does anybody know why?
  4. You perfectly express my feelings about what i thought i knew... :pilotfly:
  5. -Mop-

    Radio Issue

    Same Question... same Guess ;-)
  6. Although the problem seemed to vanish for Grayo... i actually have exactly the problem as described in the first post... so please tell me what have i done wrong?
  7. No Problem... just turn "ground safe" off and pull the red trigger for reverse gear... ;-)
  8. Same Problem... the tank is invulnerable to rockets... i pumped in multiple tries somwething from 40-80 rockets in his back... nothing happend... i sneaked towards while ground masked... and fired from nothing farther than 50 meters... no Problem with guns at all... is this correct that in this Mission, there should be no refuel, no rearming and no fixing be possible? So please fix it...
  9. ööööhhhhmm - no... now we are already two of that precious kind... but sry... i dont have an answer for you
  10. Earlier i was able to map the different asp-switches to different Switches on my throttle... but now i can only map the toggle function to one direction of my throttle-Switch... Why? It is really annoying... espacially due to the fact it worked perfectly months ago... so for everyone to understand: don´t let the opposite asp-functions of one asp-switch being greyed out in the preferences...
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