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  1. You're getting feedback, with proof its incorrect as is and we're right, its incorrect. And then using a over exposed time-lapse photograph as your proof to meet your idea of correct? If you truly do value the customer base, maybe listening more and not arbitrarily dismissing what we're saying, will help. As I see it, ED simply doesnt want to fix it. It was once, but then immediately went back to the over-done lights. And as was pointed out, the Viper doesnt share them. It really makes us wonder. Thanks...
  2. With Belsimtek being absorbed into ED, I'd not count on anything like what that studio produced, anytime soon. A new UH-1 doesnt seem to be on anyone's to-do list. Instead, as we're reading up in the Mi-8 forum, these older modules are very low on the priority.
  3. I'm not running it on high. Med settings in VR. Using the Refuel/Rearm screen, stutter. Using the F10 Map, stutter and freezing Using F2 view, stutter and freezing Y'all can say what you want, but I shouldnt have to dull down everything to low, to make something run decently based upon specs set by the developer. I'm above those specs, btw. Ugra did the same thing with Normandy. Beautiful map, but very hard on systems at release. And it took a couple of years until things got the attention it should have.
  4. Beautiful map, but poorly optimized, even on high end machines. Give it another year and see if Ugra will make it right. Hopefully not in the 2 years they took to fix Normandy.
  5. I agree with the OP. A WWII trainer would be a great add-on that would add to the immersion. The problem lies in that the range of flyers who would use it, is limited. Most only want to immediately go and shoot things. Learning the basics is secondary. The TF-51 does a poor job as a trainer.
  6. The vertical tails are different as well.
  7. You cant carry and launch anymore than the 2, currently allowed. You'd need access to the Weapons Lua for the F-5, to unlock the pylons and make them A2A missile capable. But this file is locked by ED. You can modify the F-5E lua to carry 2 extra missiles on the pylons, but it'll be for show only.
  8. Considering the head/tailwind issue has been a few years, the RWR will probably be the same. Or with the DLC: F-5E II
  9. The CATM-120C isnt coded, just modelled. As you found out. Yep, good workaround until more of the training loads are enabled. I know its low priority, but shouldnt take that long to enable. For most people, they dont understand the value of them.
  10. Enjoyed flying this mod a bit yesterday. I used his F-86 cockpit/F-80 exterior mod as well. I'm hoping he can do the same for the RF-80 to keep with the feel of that era cockpit. Thanks to all who have worked on this.
  11. Just a heads up, there is a weapons training pack that has the CATM-120 skin on the live AIM-120 as well as -9X. That way you dont lose the CAP-9. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308281/
  12. The Fulton Recovery System ceased operation in 1996. The 8th SOS removed the yokes from it's MC-130Es and mothballed the gear. This Herk is a J-model and not even close to have the right equipment on the nose for STARS. It would be a massive remodel.
  13. If you use RSMapper, you can combine the Lights On key with the Salute key, since thats used in combo that the jet is ready for launch. Especially useful at night as you've mentioned.
  14. Good luck trying to convince them to do this. I get the point and I see it as entitlement. More of the "I want something for nothing". I dont see how this will benefit ED's business model since the human gunner position was just added, after 7 years. Most of us have already bought the Huey, so they stand to gain very little, if anything from your idea.
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