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  1. Hi all, Erich's Messerschmitt Bf109G flight is online again: Cheers, MAC
  2. Sorry guys, the previous video isn't available any longer at the moment, sorting out some issues with it. Meanwhile you can join Erich on a flight in a Bücker Bf131 Jungmann: Enjoy! MAC
  3. Hi all, Erich has a new video of his Me109G-12 flight at Hangar 10 on his channel: Enjoy! MAC
  4. Hi MAD-MM, my pleasure, and thanks for the Bienenfarm picture! Erich and I were there in 2014, he went to fly the Focke Wulf 149D (pictures of this are in the slideshow). We had fun at the time noticing he had not flown a Focke Wulf for precisely 25.362 days, since 2nd May 1945 :) MAC
  5. Hallo zusammen, mein Freund Erich Brunotte hat mich darum gebeten für ihn einen Youtube Kanal einzurichten, auf dem er Fotos und Videos von sich zeigen und seine Erfahrungen mit Interessierten teilen kann. Es freut mich Euch seinen Kanal hier vorstellen zu dürfen: Das erste Video ist eine Zusammenstellung von Bildern mit Aktivitäten und Freunden aus den vergangenen fünf Jahren: - Revisiting Dora 9 2014 - Flying Legends 2014 - Flying Legends 2019 - Switzerland visit 2019 - Messerschmitt Museum bei Airbus in Manching/Bayern 2019 - Spitfire Flug beim Heritage Hangar in Biggin H
  6. Hi all, my friend Erich Brunotte asked me to set up a Youtube channel for him where he can share pictures and videos with people interested in him and his experiences. I'm happy to announce it here for you: The first video is a photo compilation of activities and friends taken since 2014, including from: - Revisiting Dora 9 2014 - Flying Legends 2014 - Flying Legends 2019 - Switzerland visit 2019 - Messerschmitt Museum at Airbus in Manching/Bavaria 2019 - Spitfire flight at Heritage Hangar Biggin Hill 2019 - Messerschmitt flight at Hangar 10 Fly In at Heringsdorf 2019 F
  7. I’d be interested to know how using the gunsight in VR works in DCS (don’t have so can’t try). In reality, there was no need to lean towards the gunsight as it would appear in the center anyway, even if only the right eye would see it (LW pilot Erich Brunotte told me this), due to stereoscopic vision. It would seem logical to me this would work the same way in VR. Does it?
  8. A shorter version of Erich's interview for the FHC should appear sometime in the near future on NBC Learn. Meanwhile your can find some short but also interesting interviews available on their site: http://www.nbclearn.com/courage MAC P.S.: Thanks Yo-Yo for linking to the FHC's interview, Erich will be happy to hear it is finally released.
  9. They were shown at the end of the interview - Weisse 6 for Erich Brunotte's plane and Weisse 11 for Heinz Marquardt's. Don't know whether or not it's planned to release them with the product, or if the skin artist would make them available himself. Hopefully ED can answer. MAC
  10. Just a brief feedback from Erich after watching the first part of the 'Revisiting Dora 9' trilogy: he absolutely loved it and is amazed how with this video people around the world have taken an interest in his knowledge and experience, which he is very happy to share. He thanks all those who have thanked or greeted him in the various comments sections on youtube or forums, and is sending his best regards. He's now eagerly awaiting the coming parts. MAC
  11. Thank you Yo-Yo/Dmitry for bringing back the incredible time and memories. Very nice video, looking forward to part 2. MAC
  12. Nice little detail: Top Gun fighter school was established on March 3, 1969. 46 years ago, on this day. :thumbup: MAC
  13. A quick question - are you using it with DCS prop planes? If yes, how's that working out for you? MAC
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