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  1. Did I put this question in the "wrong" place??
  2. I am trying to install a monitor configuration .lua file into BS-2 on my simulator. Here is my situation. I only have BS-2 installed and working fine. I don't want to install DCS World because it takes up to much of my hard drive space. When I install a mointor config .lua file into the program it does not show up on the options screen. I will tell you that on my desk top computer, I can set it up to support 2 screens and it works fine without DCS World not installed. Why wont it work on my flight simulator??? Thank You Deskoilot LMFCD+Camera+RMFCD.lua
  3. Do you need to have DCS World installed before Ultra MFCD will work?? Deskoilot
  4. Hello all. It has been some time since I was able to fly the black shark so I am learning all over again. I am trying to fly in the game mode because that is suppose to be the easy way. I still have the original BS-1, and in game mode It is simple to fly. However in game mode with the BS-2 it is somewhat impossible to fly or land. Why is that???? I have BS-1 loaded in my desktop which is a 32 bit system and BS-2 loaded into my flight simulator which is a 64 bit system. Can I download BS-1 into a 64 bit system??? thanks deskoilot
  5. Hello all. It has been a while since I have flown my BS-1 but I really Like it Easy to fly and works well in my system. The question's I have are, can I make Helios 1.4 work with this version of black shark? Early I had an older version of helios and with the help of peter P. We were able to get the gauges and the abris and shkval working. I have since than missed placed all of my information and I can't remember what I need to do to make this work My Pit sim is a 64 bit os however the computer that I use for testing is a 32 bit os. Thank You Deskoilot
  6. Here is my Log file deskpilot DCS LOGS.zip
  7. ok, My system is Win-7 HP, sp-1 Intel® core 2 cpu 6600@2.40GHz 2.39GHz, Memory 2.00GB, 32 bit os. This system is the one I want to use for testing and learning. My game system is 64 bit os and I don't have a problem at this time with that system. So I guess BS-2 can't be operated unless DCS World is installed? Is that right. I am using DCS 1.2.3 on my game computer now. I uninstalled DCS from my 32 bit system.
  8. I don't want DSC World installed, I only want to install the KA-50. Can this be done?? deskoilot
  9. WTF is going on with DCS. I purchased the KA-50 a long time ago and than up dated to BS-2, now after "TRYING" to get back into DCS and having only 4 more activations left, when I "TRY" to open DCS I get a message that (DCS; A-10 WARTHOG has stopped working) WTF. I don't have the A-10 and I don't really care if it is not working, I want The BS-2 To work!!! Dissapointed Deskoilot!
  10. Thank You for the info. deskoilot
  11. I am using helios with DCS World and BS-2. Where do I locate the export.lua for helios on my system. I am using windows-7 Home Premium:helpsmilie: and I need to know what port Helios is using. Thank You deskoilot
  12. I have not done any modifications on my export.lua scrip. Where and what needs to be done? My crash logs are attached. Terry. Logs.zip
  13. Yes to both The Sims Tools needs to have the game patched like this: C:\user\user name\saved games\DCS. It will not patch any other way. Is their some way I can change my path so that the game will boot from that path? Thank You, Terry
  14. I recently setup my KA-50 BS Pit that I built on a motion platform using Sims Tools for my motion. I am using two computers with a crossover cable . All is good when I patch FSX (game and motion, however no so when I patch DCS, (game and NO motion). When patching DCS the patch message says to patch (edit path) C:\user\user name\saved games\DCS. I do this and the message says patch installed. game works but no motion. Has anyone had any experience with this problem before? If so please respond. I need HELP. Thank You terry
  15. This old fart needs some help with how to configure two computers using the IP Address for Helios. I have done this before and it works but for some reason (other than age) I can't figure this out now. Can someone please help me out with this problem. Thanks Terry:
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