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  1. Hello Shrike88, The weapons delivery planner (featuring pretty much what you have described) is a stand-alone app available in the Enterprise Edition only at the moment. It might come to the Standard Edition later on. Cheers, Triggers can be imported from DCS miz files and are carried over when exported back to a .miz. Creating additional triggers from within CF is not implemented yet.
  2. Hi Jordan_111sqn, The maps themselves are MBTiles. Those are raster tile sets, their size (in bytes) being proportionate to their overall resolution (total amount of pixels, to be more precise). With that said, higher resolution maps are possible, but only for certain regions of the given theater to keep the filesize within reasonable limits. --- CombatFlite fix is out! A new build of CF is released, featuring mostly some fixes related to the DCS 2.7 update, plus a new feature with regard to the polygon tool. You can now draw the polygon lines aligned to 15-d
  3. Hi, This Saturday or Sunday the latest.
  4. I can confirm there is an issue with importing DCS missions made in the 2.7 version to CF, just as you described. I am working on adjusting CF to the changes that came with 2.7. Unfortunately, I always have to wait for a new version of DCS to be released before I can start working on it. Cheers,
  5. Hi Leviathan, 1 - If I understand your question correctly, the option is already there. You can choose which parts of the kneeboard you want to have in the output by checking/unchecking the boxes in the 'Items' part of the Kneeboard window 2 - The altitudes in the kneeboard are shown based on the units of measure the user has selected (in the main window, bottom right corner). For better clarity, they are displayed as thousands (e.g. 15,000ft MSL as 15.0M; 2,000ft AGL as 2.0A; 4,600m MSL as 4.6M, 500m AGL as 0.5A). The 'M' denotes MSL, 'A' denotes AGL. Cheers, Ye
  6. I'll queue the ZULU time option for implementation. Regarding the mods, some are already supported (A-4, Super Hercules). I'll try to add more or figure out a general mod implementation. Griffon345, Thanks for the feedback. Could you please send the .cf mission file to CF email (combatflite at combatflite dot com)? The positions within a flight shouldn't normally be swapped. Thanks!
  7. The Eastern Callsigns are assigned automatically in CF -- you should be able to see them for each aircraft if you click on a flight/waypoint and click Configure in the left panel. They're not editable in CF at the moment though. Cheers,
  8. These two are just placeholders at the moment -- sorry for the confusion.
  9. CombatFlite update is out! Changes: Added Radial Menu (right-click in map area) Added Nevada TPC raster map Added 'Minutes since WP1' and 'Minutes since Push Point' minute marks options Fixed F-14A carrier take-off/landing waypoint bug Fixed Mach/CAS info for two time-locked waypoints bug Fixed intraflight frequency not being within radio frequency range bug Fixed doubled group IDs and unit IDs bug (export to DCS) Fixed escort waypoint bug
  10. Yeah, both options are easily possible -- WP1 and Push Point (the latest one, or WP0 as default if none... as you have written). The radius of turn will come, but not too soon. It's a lot of work as it effects also timings, headings and mission rehearsal. But it is necessary to open up the possibility of some further features...
  11. thanks for your post 👍

  12. CombatFlite v1.1.1.6 (and a quick hotfix) is up and running! Changes include: Improved Mission Panel UI Added BDU-45 for DCS F/A-18C Added APKWS for DCS AV-8B Added ammo type selection for DCS SA-342L Added more carrier types for Real World theater Added export of AOR corner points to .txt Fixed carrier TACAN bug Fixed bugs related to update check, and multiple to instances Fixed bug when creating a Corridor polygon Check out the improved UI of the Mission Panel. It is completely reworked, much more user-friendly (hopefully), with Drag &a
  13. So far, DMPIs can be assigned to the whole flight only. Assigning them to individual flight members has already been requested and will get implemented, but only after some more pressing issues/features are out of the way. Hi Papaye, Thanks for the feedback. Neither radius-of-turn navigation nor fuel calculations are implemented yet. Radius-of-turn will be done later on. On the other hand, fuel consumption is quite complex (many variables that come into play, especially external stores) and requires a lot of data, which would be very laborious to extract from DCS. Real world data a
  14. Gotcha, I'll squeeze it into the next update. Fargo, Thanks for the suggestion. It will get implemented soon for sure -- alongside some other formats that are already underway.
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