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  1. I have jumped on the 2.7 bandwagon, and here is a quick update. For record I have a GTX1070 32go of RAM and a Ryzen 5 3600 I was expecting a terrible FPS drop when switching to 2.7, but that's actually quite the contrary. I have a significant improvment my personnal recipe is : .All modified shaders uninstalled or removed .Oculus tray tool set at 30hz ASW and 'rift link' tab set on 1070 preset .Latest nvidia drivers installed .That's all ! My personnal benchmark test is : F18 ->instant action, -> nevada -> freeflight
  2. The cockpit is indeed darker, because there is more contrast applied, but you can turn the gamma up in DCS system setting so you can get some details back in the cockpit without removing the clarity
  3. I have a 1070 as well, 32 Go of RAM and a Ryzen5 3600 cpu . VR headset is Quest2 I have good results running DCS F/A18 in VR with the moded shaders found in one of the topic of this forum. There is another trick found on Youtube for smoothing the frame rate : set Oculus Tray Tool to force 30hz ASW, there is also a 1070 preset to activate in Rift Link tab. The pixel density is set to 1.0 in DCS and most of the settings are on medium low. MSSA is on 2x, and shadows on low/flat My oculus apps is set on recommended/auto settings and it shows 72Hz I think this is t
  4. Keep in mind that Quest 2 has a mechanical IPD adjustment.The Rift S hasn't. My IPD is around 73 mm and I can tell it's impossible for me to have both eyes properly focused on the rift. Depending which direction I pushed the riftS, I always had a blurred view on one eye. Software IPD is rubbish and dishonest. There is no optical or physical ways this could ever work. The Rift S was sold for a Quest 2, and the problem is gone with the wide IPD setting.
  5. I'm running a Quest 2 and a GTX 1070, 32Go of RAM and ryzen5 3600 definitely not my dream setup, but it's playable and I will not go back to 2D In order to run it smoothly you will probably need some modifications. Here are mine : - Oculus app on recommended settings (72hz for me) - installation of modified shaders (see thread elsewhere in the forum) - oculus tray tool app running with the following settings : ASW forced @ 30hz / Quest Link on 1070 preset next step : play with DCS system/VR settings to your liking, you should obtain a pretty smooth e
  6. FWIW, I have managed a decent VR experience on my gtx 1070. A few steps were essentials : -RiftS was sold for a Quest2 , not a performance issue but an IPD one, believe me, software IPD adjustement is worthless. -Installation of VR moded shaders as available on this forum, -Running Oculus Tray Tool, ASW locked on 30Hz, Quest link set on GTX1070 preset template I wish I had a better definition or pixel density, but at least everything is running smooth now, I can fly low altitude (F/A-18C) over cities or forest, and turning my head on the side of the co
  7. 13 yr old me was playing Strike Force Harrier on his beloved Amstrad CPC 464. He had a joystick, curtains were closed for better immersion and little Frederic was both an introvert child and an imaginary pilot. Around this times Top Gun was out in theaters. 35yrs later I can say without hesitation that DCS F/A- 18c is the sim I have been waiting for my entire life ! My inner child is still around and kicking thanks to people like you.
  8. Too bad for the ministick, but eventually you have to let it go. I'd rather have assigned on the throttle grip the extra mouse buttons (hey ! that's 3 of them) and the up/down wheel any day. My regular mouse is doing great with cockpit clicking duties. I reckon IRL you have to use one of your hand to access the console switches an dials. So I'm fine grabbing the mouse and play the piano in my pit ^^
  9. I will certainly replace my GPU at some point , but not right now. ATM, I'm selling the Rift S, because its very narrow IPD was giving me too much headaches and one blurry eye vision. Got myself the Quest 2 which is much much better regarding this aspect, but I believe is even more power hungry.
  10. Thank you for your advice Shiny, I will try this asap !
  11. I have just bought a Rift-S to try VR on my gaming PC. The experience has been overwhelming on titles such as Alyx or Elite Dangerous. But after having tried DCS F/A-18C , I am somehow disapointed. The cockpit is gorgeous to look at, it really feels I'm "there", the sense of flying is fantastic, but the scenery is a big let down to me. I haven't touched the settings yet, but it seems the details have been really tone down in order to make the sim running decently. I believe my computer is now on the low end for any simmer enthusiast. So far I have the following hardware : ryze
  12. Hi I have a X52 pro as well. In order to have a constant behavior of my joystick I always open first the game controller window -> properties THEN I start the game (DCS , Elite, FS2020, you name it) with the properties window still opened. I can set the right pinkie switch as a modifier without a problem, and my mini stick & related buttons are no longer recognized as a mouse, which is perfectly fine by me. I haven't tried to set the mode wheel as a modifiers though. I don't mess with the joystick software and not I'm not intending to hope this help
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