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  1. Push the trim reset on the left mid panel near the APU switch and Flight Control Surface reset switch. It will retrim your plane to compensate for the imbalance.
  2. I'm debating between the Syria map and the F-16. I currently own F/A-18, F-14, Super Carrier, Persian Gulf, FC3 and Blackshark. Played a lot of Falcon back in the day and even some BMS Falcon in more recent years so I'm fairly familiar with the Viper. The new Syria map does look amazing though, it's just that Falcons in Syria is like bread and butter. I really don't wanna cough up the money for both right now, I haven't even touched the Tomcat yet, I'm just debating on which to get. Hornets in Syria could work, I did however just get an Oculus Quest 2 and I'm thinking the bubble canopy would b
  3. "In 2d no problems because fps stays way above 60fps on 1440p with high settings." Well, it's technically not 2d but I know what you mean. I'm running an i7-10700K at 4.8Ghz with 32Gigs of DDR4 3200Mhz memory, fast Crucial M.2 P5 SSD and an RTX 2060 Super at 2560x1080, what I'd consider high settings and I don't get 60 FPS on deck in SC. I actually do in cockpit if I'm looking directly forward or at the gauges, but if I look over my shoulder, at the other planes launching or go to external view, I get in the mid 30s. My DCS so far, and I haven't played many heavy missions, caps out at my monit
  4. Well, I'm going to use your posted changes as a starting point, or maybe start just a little less aggressive, test for stability and then move it down to match you and re test. I tend to lean on the milder side of deviating from the norm, though I did OC my i5 3570K from 3.8Ghz to 4.4 out of the box with only the slightest V core bump and it's been rock stable since around 2012. Cool and stable while attaining best performance is how I like to run. My 3570K will be getting handed down, I hate to see it go, in reality it is still hanging in there. Heck, I'm temped to just build both rigs and do
  5. Wow, interesting indeed, have you recorded any performance loss or does it actually help the CPU boost higher keeping the temps down. I haven't built a machine since my i5-3570k, every so many years I have to brush up on the new tech, I don't build them for a living anymore. Any info you can point me too on the methods used to determine the optimal power setting, is it just a matter of incremental changes and testing or is there a more scientific way? Can you give the specs on your machine, video setting and DCS performance? What resolution are you running?
  6. Thanks for the input. One thing I forgot to mention, thermals. So far, from what I've seen, the 3700x seems to run cooler, though results might have lot to do with the motherboard VRM. I'm old skool. Been building PCs since probably '91 and while many concepts and lessons have remained the same overall, many things have changed. With the newer more 'intelligent' processors and even motherboards, controlling heat seems to be a bigger factor in maximizing performance then ever. Back in the day, you just set it and let it ride, especially when overclocking. I suppose you can still do that overrid
  7. Building a new PC, I'm torn between an AMD 3700x build or a Intel 10700k build. With previous pricing, it was kind of a no brainer with the scales tipped in AMD's favor, but just today, I'm seeing 10700K on sale for 320 USD which is 10 dollars cheaper than the 3700x. All 5000 series AMD chips are out of stock everywhere so that's not really an option right now. AMD's socket AM4 has been out since 2016, though it's promised that the higher end chipsets, while supporting PCI_E 4.0, will support Zen 3 5000 series CPUs. Intel's higher end chips boast Gen 11 compatibility but not PCI_E
  8. So are you saying I shouldn't be downloading the Open Beta version from the DCS website right now cause it's trying to download 60GB and it's taking forever?
  9. I'm sure there will be some optimizations and tweaks. It may get better if they ever get Vulcan implemented but something tells me it's more of a CPU issue. Thing is, you say 'locked' at 30? That sounds more like a v-sync issue. Try turning off v-sync in the game menu and on your video card control panel software to see if it makes any difference. Some v-sync settings will lock you in at 30 if they get too far below 60 or whatever if memory serves. If you've got a newer Nvidia card go into the control panel and try fast or adaptive v-sync if the sync turns out the be the problem and you just h
  10. Ugh, what a pain, not seeing the module I guess I have to update. How do you update past Updaters is telling me my game is up to date, think I need to beta update, what do I do?
  11. I'm flying on a 2560x1080 ultra wide monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9. DCS has the ratio set to 2.33333 which I believe is correct. When panning around in external view everything appears to be normal, the problem in when I'm in the cockpit view, the edges of the screen are stretched. If I'm flying next to a B-17 and looking straight ahead with the B-17 just visible on the side of my screen the plane looks very stretched. Is this just a matter of zoom level, is there a FOV setting for the cockpit view I can adjust?
  12. Has anyone put together a skin pack for the non flyable planes in DCS? Planes like th c17 and the like would really benefit from some better skins if not new higher polygon models. Understandable that higher poly models might be a bit too much to ask for but skins should be relatively easy. To be honest, I'm surprised no one from DCS has updated them yet, even if in their spare time or over a weekend, should be a since for a pro that does skins all the time.
  13. So you have to win the tournament to win a prize, or winners picked at random?
  14. I'm going to buy a new SSD for DCS but need help deciding how large. What I currently own (not all installed presently) DCS World 2.5 Flaming Cliffs 3 A10 C Blackshark 2 F/A-18 Hornet Caucusus map Persian Gulf map Super Carrier I'm also considering possibly getting either the F-16 Falcon or F-14 Tomcat in the future, one or the other, probably not both. Wondering if a 480-500 would be enough or should I get a 1TB? I know obviously the bigger the better asking even if just for a reference. So if I do buy another 1TB in addition to the one I've already got all my other stuff on,
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