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  1. Thanks CaptainX; I cannot believe what a difference turning off unneeded processes in Windows 10 has made! And not just with DCS. I could not load Everest VR at all. Last night I ran in on very high settings with no problems. Assetto Corsa was studdering and visually poor before. Now I have Supersampling at 2.2 and the graphics setting just about maxed out and it runs smoothly. Wow! My advice to anyone running Windows 10 is to read this article and try it. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/10-things-to-disable-in-windows-10/ i5-6600K @ 4.2Ghz, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, 500 GB 850 Evo SSD, Samsung Odyssey, TM Warthog, Saitek pedals
  2. I just did some more flying. (Instant Action, Normandy, Spitfire, Dogfight). I went to a number of high settings and moved the Pixel Density from .9 to 1.4. It was smooth and quite beautiful. Though I have to report that several RCAF pilots lost their lives on these test missions due to lack of training and stupidity. None the less, they had a great time right up until they died! Thanks for all the help and suggestions Guys. You got me flying! i5-6600K @ 4.2Ghz, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, 500 GB 850 Evo SSD, Samsung Odyssey, TM Warthog, Saitek pedals
  3. Hi Guys; First Hansangb, I tried moving the saved game folder. It had not effect. Second, Good News - I am flying. I used the Task Manager - "Performance" tab to monitor memory and CPU usage during startup of DCS until it crashed on the DCS main menu screen. Memory was fine but CPU usage hit 100% almost immediately without even flying. I tried overclocking my i5 6600K to 4.2 Ghz. No noticeable change. GRRRR! Then I found this article on shutting down unneeded Windows 10 processes. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/10-things-to-disable-in-windows-10/ I also let the Nvidia "GPU tweak" program shutdown what it considered unneeded Windows processes. It report shutting down another 30 processes. My task manager performance monitor went from reporting CPU usage at idle around 14-18% down to 2%-4%. I then booted DCS and actually flew a mission (Normandy, Spitfire, Free Flight). Next I started playing with graphics settings. I went to settings similar to what CaptainX showed in his screenshot above. Tried a mission and it worked great. I still need to play with setting but for the first time, it is starting to behave more as expected. i5-6600K @ 4.2Ghz, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, Samsung Odyssey, TM Warthog, Saitek pedals
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Hansangb. A little crazy but I will give it a try and report back.
  5. Okay Guys, jumping back in here. I solve my AI Suite problem and have overclocked CPU to 4.2 Ghz. I installed a Samsung 850 EVO SSD SATA 3 and moved entire DCS installation over to it. Honestly, it is not much better. GRRRRR! CaptainX: I cannot get anywhere near those settings and we are pretty similar in hardware except you have 24 GB of Ram and I have 16GB. What pixel density/ supersampling settings are you using? How about your Steam Asynchronous Reprojection and Interleaved Reprojection. are you using either both, none?
  6. Hi Hansangb Not BSOD. It just locks up with the last screen still visible. Sometimes if I hit escape, DCS shuts down. Most times I can at least get to Task Manager and shut down DCS there. Sometimes it is completely unresponsive and I have to hold the power button to force a restart of the machine. I will check the PC Hardware thread on AI Suite. When I upgraded my motherboard and CPU last time I had AI Suite II installed. Apparently you have to uninstall it from that configuration before you switch to a newer motherboard. It does not allow you to uninstall it after. AI Suite 3 which came with the new Motherboard created conflicts with the old version. I really do not want to wipe everything and start over. There is a tool that is supposed to delete it on the ROG Gamer site but I distrust those types of programs. Thanks
  7. thanks CaptainX It really helps to hear from someone with similar specs. I need to solve a problem with my old Asus Aisuite which won't uninstall and allow me to use the newer version. this would let me at least overclock the CPU. But my current SSD is only a boot drive. It may be time to get the DCS loaded on one.
  8. Thanks for the Responses Guys; Hansangb: I tried Jabbers settings too, but it crashed the program everytime before I could load a mission. I had to turn everything down to the lowest or just above lowest settings just to get it to run. I know my CPU and GPU are a step down but it seems like something is wrong. Would overclocking my CPU help (currently 3.5GHZ)? Am I short of RAM? 16 GB seems like it should be reasonable. Is there a way to log memory usage to see if that is the source of the crashes? Or does that level of difficulty running the game suggest I have missed a step somewhere else on the software side? Just looking for suggestions of things I can try.
  9. Hi Guys; I have the Odyssey as well and have been able to fly an Instant Mission in Normandy with the Spitfire, but . . . I have had to turn my graphics way down or it crashes on loading a mission and still crashes frequently during the mission. Steam supersampling at .9, all textures on low, I am running i5-6600 CPU, GTX 1070, and 16 GB of ram. Does that sound right? Seems like I am missing something!
  10. Okay, I just updated my video drivers and the website works fine. Do they have a forum for those of us who neglect the obvious!!!
  11. I tested it a few more times. If the website home page doesn't crash my computer, the very next page I click on will every time. BSOD I neglect to list my video card in the last post. It is an AMD 6850 1GB card. I will try a driver update and see if that helps.
  12. Just jumping in here! I am having problems with the new website as well. About 2 secs after I go to the website, my monitor flashes black and then comes back up. At that point one of two things normally happens: either it crashes the computer or it locks up Internet Explorer. Randomly, this morning is the first time I actually got access to the site. It black screened and then came up working. System: I5 2500K, 8GB Ram, 240 GB SSD, 2GB HD, Win 7 64bit.
  13. Hi Derek; I am a moderately experienced Helios user and have gone through several upgrade/fix cycles with DCS World-A10C and Helios. After a year off, I tried to upgrade DCS World again and fix my Helios installation. Test run produced working Helios (buttons work) with working MFCD's, but no other viewports. I hit the top right corner of Loz's Helios profile to hide the gauges and reveal whether the viewports were misplaced. They are not there at all. So, I downloaded your excellent guide. I went through it step by step and used PeterP's init.lua viewport files and monitor config.lua after revising the coordinates for my setup and giving it a new name. I changed DCS World options to that monitor setup. Test run produced working Helios, but no MFCD's and no other viewports! Here is an interesting diagnostic. I know that the names for gauges in the monitor configuration.lua file must match the line in the viewport init.lua files exactly. As a test, I changed the MFCD name in PeterP's sample monitor config file to the name in my old monitor config file, and tested again. This made the MFCD's work. But the names for the rest of the viewports match the monitor config file exactly and still do not work. My latest attempt was to uninstall and reinstall everything and try again. No joy. Same result Any suggestions???? Windows 7 64bit, DCS 1.2.10, Helios 1.319, Cap Loz 2.1
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