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  1. amazing! could you please share the source of the mig-23 pilot model picture?
  2. great project/mod! which map/terrain do you use? same her, terrain looks different from what i know!??
  3. Finally, a soviet skin for your beauty. And what an amazing one! I would like to thank you, you made my year and the circuumstances of our world outside our lovely DCS world a little better! The fun and tension to see your progress on this one of the most desired birds for DCS is a pleasure for me! Cant wait to see her finally in our beloved DCS world, regardless whether it will be an AI 3D Model upgrade only or a Module! Amazing shots! Please share some more screenshots. . .
  4. what a shame, regarding this video the future will be 95% western hardware and gameplay. . . no red forces, no cold war scenarios. never forget your roots. . .
  5. some cold war eastern europe or warsaw pact stuff would be cool. . .
  6. hopefully especially for caucasus with updated/soviet and cold war era historically equiped aerodromes/airbases. . .
  7. I would definitely pay a lot of money for more AI 3D Models regarding soviet cold war era hardware, especially air force (Mig-25, Mig-27, Su-17, Su-15, Tu-16, M3, An-12, An-22, An-2, Yak-28. . .) AND soviet air force aerodrome infrastructure and ground equipment (shelters, ammunition depots, fully modelled static SAM sites (SA-2, SA-3) with infrastructure, pre start line, Towers and KDP, fuel depots, vehicles and support. Also ground forces would be a good bet. Everything between 60ies and late 80ies would be more than welcome and definitely filling a big gap within DCS, which is in its DNA an
  8. amazing model, i love your love to the detail. . . cant wait to see this beauty in our dcs skies!
  9. wow, finally. i am not alone. hopefully ED will understand now, that the most effective way to earn money and get incremental revenue will be a cold war scenario!!
  10. very impressive!!! amazing pictures and project!
  11. more please! :-) (and a little "when?" ;-))
  12. OH MY GOD, exactly like this one. . . deployed from the ussr to our home countries, hungary and gdr, in the early eighties. . .
  13. amazing stuff jack, as always! please, don´t forget to make some soviet skins from cold war era for this beauty!!
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