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  1. are we still talking about caucasus?? why do we need afghanistan coloured roofs there? maybe i missed something, but for my part - i dont need them. . .
  2. please keep up (and when possible speed up ;-)) the work on this amazing project. it is hard to wait. this is the most desired bird from my point. thank you for sharing. congratulations to the birth of your child and all my best wishes for your family!!!!
  3. thank you so much for this amazing piece of work!!!!
  4. guys, please share some ( a lot of ) screenshots - from the new hangar´s textures too. . . thanks!
  5. from my point of view, barthek matches the colors in a nearly perfect way. . . please do not add more color(s) or saturation.
  6. wow, i always dreamed of that what i can see now. . . keep up this amazing work, a big THANK YOU - and please try your best (as always :-)) to improve the airbases, cities, villages too. together with the new cloud it is such an amazing result and a absolutely new experience of my beloved caucasus. . . yes, i am a cold war kid and need some eastern european area - i am not getting warm with ww2 era maps and psg and syria and marihuanas - or what ever this far away holiday and some ww2 history (yes all you lovers, guam was soooooooo strategic also in cold war. . .) related island is called. . .
  7. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! such amazing details. . . wow. Really happy to have you doing this baby!!!
  8. pefect match in my opinion, great work. keep it up!!!
  9. merci, thanks a lot! please keep up the amazing work and improvements for our beloved dcs world!
  10. hello taz, a list off all related mods you are using to get the results from your screenshot, ground mod, trees, etc would be gerat!
  11. this is graphically looking amazing, could please list all your used mods to get this result?
  12. amazing! could you please share the source of the mig-23 pilot model picture?
  13. great project/mod! which map/terrain do you use? same her, terrain looks different from what i know!??
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