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  1. The visibility changed many times even during the time when I was building the campaign, guess we'll need to find for some kind of fix from ED. I can't move the time as this will completely change the mission.
  2. This is completely out of my control, there is no way for mission desingers to control the AI lights procedures. Sorry
  3. I've never seen this before either. Anyone else is experiencing this?
  4. Thanks, I'll fix this. Tower is there for when it is added to Supercarrier
  5. Hey guys, I'll check it, maybe there is a way to solve it!
  6. @Blackbird7 thanks, I'll check the briefing and kneeboards for this one. As for spotting the ground targets, not much I can do. Don't want the enemy to be dumb and stay in the open when he has places to cover.. Try to turn the labels on the minimal settings, it will show you red dots if you are close enough. Cheers!
  7. Hey @bmbpdk! Thanks a lot for your feedback and keep it coming! Now, as an opening remark I have to admit that I built this campaign when I was relatively new to DCS and even though 3.0 was done after a few years of gathering experience, if I was to build it once again it would have been much different after having extensively worked with several active duty and ex USAF and USN fighter pilots. So you can probably expect the mix of realism with arcade-ism and somewhat "over-talked" missions, which nevertheless should still be fun (I hope). As for M01, the DCS AI is DCS AI, especially when it comes to taxiing and landing. I've tried the way you described and also had weird results with wingmen extending far beyond the runway to go around for ages or just crash.. I might have a look and see if something changed in 2.7, something can be possibly done here. Marking it as "to investigate" item. For M02: not only I didn't deploy anywhere, I never served in the military (which I regret, but Polish armed forces at the end of the 90's was not a place you'd like to go, unless you were a masochist). So each piece of information as the one you posted is super valuable to me and helps me get better with each campaign. IIRC there is an option to stop the convoy at the entrance of each sector, but adding an option to do that at any time would be feasible. I'll think about it. Same goes for staying with them until they are inside the fence. For M03: don't think they have anything they can shoot back with apart from their assault rifles. The AI is set to open fire, but probably the in-game parameters for the AI (whichever they are) were not fulfilled. In any case, thanks again for taking time to post it, if you have other remarks please let me know - I always strive to make my campaigns better / more realistic!
  8. I tried to reproduce but it works for me.. anyone else is having the same issue as RoGaR?
  9. I don’t have a specific ETA. Got 3 out of 10 missions ready, outline for whole campaign done, but I need to focus on some other projects first - and the manual, which is progressing nicely!
  10. @P4thog3n just checked, this is internally fixed.
  11. Hey, this has been a problem with the AI for a long time and it seems to be worse than before. In my newer campaigns I completely ditched the AI wingman and use separate flights for that role. You have less options, but at least those you have work. Here it would require a LOT of work (rebuilding missions, tons of voiceovers), so I won't be going that road, hoping that ED will address this..
  12. Thanks! I will have a look after new update drops, as these quite often break things anyway For the radar, I think it also causes Thunderstorm when you set it to STBY, I’ll see if I can change it. Weird about the NVG. IIRC there is nothing in the script even remotely connected to that, but I will have a look. Until we get an AI A-6 no way around the Tron, but again IIRC the push time is at default time and even if player takes off last he should be fine. I had some complaints about this mission, but not too many - though it is very possible something got borked in 2.7. Won’t even comment on the AI. We have to make do with what we have. I think the AI in this campaign in general is much more reliable than the stock wingmen… Anyway, thanks for the report. I’ll check and report back. Cheers, BD
  13. I never heard of it, but I barely ever used the laser guided rockets. In any case sounds more like a DCS problem than the campaign itself (even more so I never gave those rockets to any of the wingmen)
  14. I am really sorry about these problems guys, the Red Flag seems to be broken pretty bad in 2.7.. the worst thing is I can’t find a way to fix to quite a few problems and need to work with ED on them. I will try to fly the whole campaign in the coming weeks and have it fixed as much as possible before the summer, but I am not sure it will be doable. I will keep you posted.
  15. Yeah, was supposed to be fixed but well, the AI is the AI (sigh)
  16. I think there is some problem with A-10C II and the speed of your wingmen… I’ll try to fly this mission myself and check what is wrong / fix what is needed.
  17. should be Q4 2021 unless something goes really bad. I have half of it ready.
  18. That was how it was originally supposed to work. IIRC now you should have an F10 option at mission start that should take you directly to the moment after AAR, please check if it works. After you do that at the beginning you need to finish the mission though, the campaign branching unfortunately does not support "saving" per se, I spent long time trying to make it work but no luck...
  19. Thank you @War_Pig, @ruprecht, @wilbur81, @Teleblaster, @pokeraccio and others for your kind words - and we are very happy that you enjoyed this campaign! As to the Australian pilots - I will need some voiceovers for the F-16C "The Gamblers" campaign, so I will be in touch. And as to the plans - well, we're half-way through the Raven One prequel, taking place in 2005 (so 3 years before the novel) in Eastern Mediterranean. The work is progressing well and since we are not bound by the book, we can spread our DCS wings and should have a few surprises for you!
  20. I don't think it is out. The easiest way to get through this is to just set yourself to invincible in the options for this one hop, it won't have huge impact on later part of the mission, at least it shouldn't!
  21. That is weird that he doesn't fight. yes, he spawns as agressor to make sure that he does attack, I will check if I can reproduce.
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