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  1. It cannot be done unfortunately! But we're getting there. We already split the campaign in two parts!
  2. OK, I found the issue and it should now be fixed.
  3. I was able to reproduce, now checking if I can fix that...
  4. @DimSim I just ran the mission, all worked as advertised. Do you choose "spectators" at mission start and enter the pit only when prompted by the text message? And do you have your Easy Comms set to off?
  5. Should be now fixed with the next update.
  6. @Blackbird7 indeed there was a mix-up when assigning loadout for this mission. Instead of 2 GBU-12s I added 2 Mavericks for the A-10C2 version. Now fixed, thanks!
  7. @splash this is now fixed. Thanks for reporting. Funny thing what happened - I placed explosion on mission start close to the Mi-8 to make it look damaged. But as it lost its tyres it started slowly sliding backwards, and by the time player would get ther it would hide between the trees
  8. Thanks @ayousry internally fixed for the next update.
  9. Hey @elcid I just checked. After destroying the MANPAD (I simply used explode trigger) mission worked as it should. Make sure that you go through all the dialogue with Axeman and press space bar to readback all the necessary information, otherwise it may not work. Let me know!
  10. This is how TACAN works between two fighters in real life too, you only get the distance.
  11. I think you just need to destroy the MANPAD in any way you want. I will check.
  12. Probably some stupid mistake on my part, I will have a look.
  13. Hey! For the initial radios - I will double check. For Knight - you should use the Strike Common freq (IIRC), but I will look it up too. For TACAN - the way it works now is as in real life - you need to set the channel 63 higher (or lower) than the aircraft you want to see, so in this case 113X.
  14. Most probably something changed with the damage model for the Mi-8. I will check, thanks!
  15. Rock is usually one of the waypoints in the flight plan. I recommend that you check the Readme File included with the campaign!
  16. That is the bulls call, rock = bullseye.
  17. I’ll have a look, thanks. Seems to me this mission needs some refreshing
  18. I’ll have a closer look at this mission over the weekend as it seems there are a few problems there after the last few updates.
  19. Indeed I do: prequel for R1 for the Hornet and F-16 campaign built with John „Rain” Waters
  20. Hey, I’ll try to fix asap, currently on holidays away from gaming rig for another week. Thanks for the report though!
  21. you should fly at the assigned heading until you get new orders and you should be on correct frequencies.
  22. Thanks for this in-depth review and feedback! I’ll take some time later to reply more in-depth and I am sure I will use some of the pointers fot the second part of the campaign that is in the making. For this campaign it was based on a novel, so to some extent we had our hands tied. But with the upcoming prequel there should be more things happening! I think the AAR bug was reintroduced for the AI but should soon be fixed. In any case, I’ll have a look at all the reported bugs and will try to fix’em all until some new ones are introduced in future patches
  23. I don’t think this is campaign related, looks to me more like some DCS bug. As for being shot down by Dutch.. well, an AI glitch - happens
  24. IIRC it is the wingman that should go first for the mark, not the FL
  25. Hey, sorry for late reply @aussiegta! Did you sort this out?
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