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  1. Dude, you sure you're talking about M09 (Calm before the storm) and not M08 (OP Hammerfall 3)?
  2. Starting April 19th, you can try any and all ED and other 3rd party developers products (except campaigns) for free and without limitation for one month. You will also be able to buy any of them for 50% or less than the normal price. And while at it, you can check the campaigns and training missions I built for some of these aircraft - go to my website (https://www.baltic-dragon.net) to see what is available!
  3. Hey, Sorry to hear about the problems. To be honest in 2.5.6 I am getting so many bug reports like this it is getting difficult to keep up and it becomes really frustrating (not the reports but the fact this update broke so many things). I can remove the landing flight, but can’t do anything about CTDs.. Please report logs for those crashes in the DCS 2.5 - Bugs and Problems - Game Crash section.
  4. Sure. Or better still Discord or Facebook (or mail) - contact details on my website (see the footer).
  5. Well I am sorry to hear that. This one is completely out of my hands, we will need for ED to fix this.. the only thing I can do is to try and make the convoy shorter, perhaps that will increase its odds of performing this super difficult task of crossing the bridge... My advice at this stage would be to play on Stable until the AI pathfinding issues are solved. I will also add F10 option to the mission which will allow you to pass it and continue with the campaign if you encounter a bug like this as a temporary mesure. Apologies for the trouble.
  6. Hey SPAS79, I will check that. I guess something got changed in the way AI behaves with other flights around (sigh). will fix.
  7. Thanks for report, I'll try to check ASAP. Also, please post your tracks here, in 99% cases crashes are caused by something within DCS and not campaign itself.
  8. Hey, did you press the Weapons System Command? Check p.31 of manual and on. Also, remember about Radar altimeter too.
  9. Hey Razor, sorry for late reply. Forum to post crash logs is under Bugs in DCS World 2.5 / Game Crashes. I will try to fly it tomorrow and let you know. Cheers!
  10. Thanks.. (sigh) I spoke up and now opened Pandora’s box.. ;) just joking, keep them coming!
  11. Yeah, thanks - that was changed in the module after I completef last update of the manual :) if you find other stuff let me know!
  12. We need to wait for the patch, sorry :(
  13. Hey! I suspect some user error, as I had two people reporting that after last update they were able to finish the mission without any problem (I squashed some previous bugs introduced with 2.5.6). Please try again paying attention to all pop-up messages and frequencies and let me know!
  14. Yeah, that was a clear breach of ROE :) let me know how it goes on second try.
  15. Happy to say that the groundwork for the upcoming first, free part of "Ottoman Courier" campaign for the AV-8B Harrier has been all done: all 5 missions are built, I am waiting for final voiceovers and moving to briefings and documentation. ​ This means that testing can begin shortly and if all goes well, the campaign will be released in May. ​ Some staticstics: 5 missions (most include takeoff and recovery onboard Tarawa), around 850 custom voiceovers, 20 voice actors plus custom kneeboards, FRAGOs, spins, maps.. you know the drill. More info here: https://www.baltic-dragon.net/news
  16. Thanks. Suspect this may be more related with the module than the campaign.. let me know though if it happens again!
  17. From what I understood it should be fixed by ED on Wednesday. If not, I will figure something out.
  18. This mission will be fixed with Wednesday update :) and thanks! IIRC there is no signal but I will check tomorrow
  19. Thanks guys! I will keep developing the site, I already have a few ideas. As for the MiG-21 I’d love to... when I quit my day job and move to campaign building full time, I promise to do it then!
  20. Hey! That must be some copy-paste typo.. where did you find it exactly? Sorry for false hopes, haven’t been in touch with Ranger for quite some time, sadly.l Edit: found it - this part was written before Piercing Fury was released which shows how many bumps we had on the road to Iron Flag...
  21. Hey guys! Happy to announce that I have finally built my website, where you can find info about all my campaigns and projects in one place - including reviews, trailers etc. I found that all that information was scattered around the net, forums etc. so hope this will make things easier to navigate for you. Let me know what you think: https://www.baltic-dragon.net/ Feel free to comment and share!
  22. I cannot reproduce this so my guess is these things happen when convoy stops in a specific spot.. glad it moved on though!
  23. The ground units AI is doing a lot of crazy things now in 2.5.6... let’s assume the driver got scared and ran away ;) I noticed that since last update AI ground unit told to switch waypoint sometimes will start making corcles and then stop...
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