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  1. I can confirm that the problems are caused by the Hornet flight model bug, where fully loaded Hornets are unable to do anything and quite often splash into the sea, this affects other tasks as well. Going to check in Closed Open Beta to see if this has been fixed for the next release - this issue unfortunately cannot be solved by me, as this is a DCS-wide bug. I'll report back if it has been internally fixed. Thanks for the reports guys! EDIT: just flew in Closed Open Beta, it seems that the problem with AI takeoff, Saint zig-zag and wingman not engaging the targets has been solved! Once new OB hits next week I hope it should all be working as advertised, please let me know when you have a chance to fly it.
  2. I have a feeling most of the problems are connected with the AI takeoff bug that currently ruins most of Hornet campaigns. The AI struggles to survive after what seems to be a cold cat launch and flies in AB forever, after which they do not have any fuel left for the mission... that is why everyone is at the tanker so quickly. ED says this is internally fixed, I will check in closed OB once it is merged and report back.
  3. Update: I checked the triggers and everything seems to be fine. I will need to test it once I get back to my gaming rig, which should be on Thursday or Friday. Triggerwise everything is fine and should work just as it did on stable or earlier versions of OB, so I am not sure what the problem could be... I'll report back once I check for myself.
  4. Hey guys, the updated file seems to have got lost and never made it the final update. For the time being please use this version. Sorry for the mix-up!
  5. @Bouba this is a problem with DCS taxi sequence - there is a workaround, please have a look here: And let's try to keep this thread with feedback and not bug reports thanks!
  6. Yeah, I think I need to do so, guess this is too confusing. Cheers!
  7. Thanks @chase, I'll do that. EDIT: and fixed.
  8. Thanks guys, I will check what is going on there. Obviously something got borked with the triggers (maybe the ones detecting when Saint shoots - it is based on "missile in zone" trigger, but each time new missiles are added to the sim, the order in missions gets changed and it stops working). Will let you know ASAP.
  9. I think this is connected with the AI Hornets not being able to take off from the carrier and crashing into the sea. There is nothing I can do about it, this has been acknowledged by ED and should be fixed on their side soon (I hope)!
  10. Thanks. I will check. These aren’t BRAA calls, but bullseye calls and I believe they are right. Cheers, BD
  11. Hey - I don't think this is campaign related unless something changed in the "invisible" trigger logic (it always meant that given aircraft would be ignored by the other AI flights, but should be seen on player's radar)... anyone else experiencing this?
  12. The AAR is currently broken in DCS for the AI, it has been reported and we hope it gets fixed soon.
  13. Thank you, I'll check these things and fix where necessary (can't fix things like Exxon vs Arco - for AAR you have to use stock callsigns, and I kept Exxon in the mission to keep it true to the book. Smoke's behaviour was already fixed in this last update. For M10 I cannot reproduce it, it works fine for me. Perhaps it is also related to auto-start? I never used that option in my life, so can't really tell TEW 3.0 and Raven One are completely different campaigns. TEW is more "free" when it comes to radio chatter etc, and less rigid on procedures and other things, but R1 is much more realistic. One limiting factor was having to stick to the novel - with prequel of R1 we are currently working on, this should be different. In any case, many thanks for feedback, appreciate it!
  14. Hey, yes - this is a DCS bug with AAR, the AI can't seem to stop refuelling. This has been reported.
  15. Thanks. This is weird and obviously difficult to reproduce.. perhaps try to run a repair for DCS as first step?
  16. Hey, This is all related to the DCS bug that has been reported and AFAIK has been given a high priority by ED. Hornets loaded with heavy ordnance have trouble taking off or plunge straight into the sea... as for the comms, probably the asset that was assigned as source of all radio transmissions did just that, which is why you couldn't hear anything. Hope this is fixed with the next update.
  17. Hey! The SAM is an old SA-2 that is normally pretty easy to dodge, unless something indeed is wrong and the safeguard for the SA-15 shooting earlier no longer works. I will check what is happening there and indeed if it is SA-15, I'll try to fix that. As rob says, the F-18s plunging into the sea is a DCS problem we are all waiting to get fixed... sorry for frustration and problems, as with most bugs reported some time after the campaign gets released these are usually things introduced with game updates changing the logic of different triggers, as - as you probably can imagine - everything used to work fine before...
  18. Hey, the AAR bug is a DCS-wide thing, which we reported and people at ED are investigating. Something is broken and even the triggers that would normally tell the AI to stop the orbit don't work. We need to wait for it to be fixed...
  19. The TACAN problem may not be fix-able on this mission for reasons that are too complicated to explain in a post here (and probably too boring) as for Marshal, the freq is correct so it should be working.
  20. @xanstinwe (as 3rd party devs) reported this to ED, AI is doing a lot of weird things during AAR, I am sure this will be solved soon.
  21. It is a standard procedure, so Prince wouldn’t tell you that. This is why I added this note in the briefing to make sure that it is done.
  22. Hey @Sylosis! I checked yesterday and I had no problem with JDAMS. In A/C tag on HSI you can swap between the lat long seconds or degrees. I had no trouble with creating a new waypoint, slewing the ATFLIR to it and then dropping on it in TOO mode. Also, I spoke to John "Rain" Waters (a former F-16 demo pilot) who said that in deployment they very often got coordinates in format which their systems didn't normally use and it was up to them as pilots to find a way around it - and I have to admit, I've put it in the mission in this way on purpose. The tanker issue should also be solved.
  23. I have updated it, this should work correctly as of the next update.
  24. OK, it seems this is linked to the altitude you start at. If you are at 10-13K, as advised before by Falcon, then it works OK. I've added a note in the mission on that.
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