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  1. Probably something got borked with the AI, I updated and checked this mission not long ago.. hopefully it was just a one-time bug. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Use 1688, and I will fix this for the next update thanks!
  3. Nope, in R1 wingmen are not your normal wingmen, but separate flights. Normal radio commands won't work, only the ones available via F10. That way I managed to make Wingman behave much better at a cost of not being able to change formations etc...
  4. When flying towards the town make sure you are at assigned altitude (IIRC 11-13K). If Smoke starts his show of force from 20K, AI is unable to do it properly for some reason... one of the DCS limits I can't find a way around. Sorry for incovenience.
  5. I'll change it, I noticed that too recently, thanks!
  6. Maybe there still is a problem with the AI flight model - the same that caused the F-18s to stall at takeoff. Prince will continue as Red Force, as there was no way to change him again, but then magic happens and he is blue again
  7. I tried to add a safeguard telling him to climb above 10K as soon as he got to 6K, but that lead to him splashing into the sea - which is way worse than just passing hard deck. Also, Saint being himself would probably not admit that he just broke the rules, so this is kind of "realistic" for Raven One..
  8. That is not a bug. Pilots rarely use the aircraft with their names on - so you just look at the bort number. Flip flies in 402, which is XO's airplane (400 is CAGs, 401 is Skipper's). So everything is fine here, this will be happening throughout the campaign (you even get to fly the nice blue CAG bird later on!).
  9. There is no single way to play it, and it depends on many factors whether you manage to nail the F4s before the Harriri arrives or not. If Weed gets shot down and you destroy Harriri, there is a separate additional part with CSAR where you wait for the assets that are supposed to pick Weed up. If he is alive, he rejoins on you. Of course there is a possibility that some of the triggers fire exactly at the same time and then the mission doesn't work as intended (I can't predict all the possibilities), but normally it worked OK. And yes, Harriri sneaking up like this is fully intended and mirrors what happens in the book Please let me know if you manage to get some success with it!
  10. I spent A LOT of time to make it difficult but doable, just like in a book. And I think I managed to find a sweet spot there... sorry to hear it took so many tries though!
  11. I believe it is the latter, as the zone is centered on Prince's aircraft. Anyway, happy to hear this is not a bug.
  12. Glad to hear that! Uff chalking this one up as fixed. Thanks!
  13. OK, I'll try to have a look, but AAR logic is 100% on DCS side. And sorry for the late reply, I had very busy holidays and had to spend much more time AFK than I would havel liked...
  14. Yes, I noticed that taxi logic is now borked, and for those larger missions it may be an issue, I'll try to troubleshoot it for all the missions for the next update.
  15. Moving forward, around M10 right now, which I think is the most difficult one I've ever built (in terms of interactions and timing, not necessarily how hard it is to pass). Had a slow-down during the summer, with very little time for DCS, but trying to catch up now!
  16. Ufff, glad to hear it works now. The AI crashing one into another... well... in the R1 prequel we are working on right now I spent around one hour troubleshooting one of the aircraft that crashed into the sea when told to switch waypoint. These things happen, unfortunately... As for the messages - yep, it is on my to-do list, I keep forgetting to remove them! Thanks!
  17. Check after today's update, the AI Hornets stalling should be fixed.
  18. Hope it is fixed with today's update, there was an AI AAR bug in DCS that is supposed to be resolved as of today.
  19. Please check after today's update, it should (hopefully) work as advertised.
  20. Hey guys, It seemed to me like a bug with the Hornet takeoff, but now that it is fixed I'll double check the mission and try to fix it ASAP. I know R1 is different than other campaigns, with much more emphasis put on the realism, which I am aware is not what everyone likes. The prequel should be a bit more relaxed as we do not have to follow the novel and we were at greater liberty when designing the missions. Still, it will have long briefings, but hopefully it will also be more bug-resistant as it should be less scripted. In any case, I appreciate the honest feedback. I hope that the latest OB update from today fixed this!
  21. My guess is that they fall into the water due to the AI Hornet bug affecting most of the missions, where they are unable to take off from the aircraft and fall into the water… Good news that this is now internally fixed and inbound with the next OB update.
  22. Yes, I believe this is the problem. Good news is this is internally fixed and should work as advertised once again as of next Open Beta patch.
  23. Yes, this is a DCS bug that should be fixed with the next OB update.
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