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  1. Welcome to DCS ;))) hope this was just a randon one-off thing!
  2. Hey! This is something I cannot fix, the AI just does these things and they change from patch to patch.. I will try to check it, but honestly I am completely bogged down with normal work, travelling a lot with almost no time at all for DCS, so currently I need to somehow prioritise things I do (so: fixing the major bugs and finishing Iron Flag / Raven One: Dominant Fury). Hope for things to slow down in October!
  3. I’ll need to re-work the Tomcat AI logic, something seems to be borked and they no longer do what they should… needless to say I didn’t touch anything and it used to work before
  4. Run it as a single mission from the campaign folder. You can use F10 radio menu to immediately start after the AAR part. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the feedback, may be s good idea to update the notes. The AI flights are set to correct altitude- but being AI they just ignore it… I’ll see what I can do to improve it & sorry to hear it was frustrating!
  6. Unfortunately I am afraid the AAR bug for the AI is back (having been fixed several times before)… at this stage i would advise to just skip M3 and move on, unfortunately I have very limited options when it comes to controlling the AI and saving them from running out of fuel…
  7. Hey, this is weird. I will check it as soon as I can, I am travelling a lot in September and I very rarely have time at my flying rig!
  8. Yeah, there was a bug introduced lately, should be fixed with the last update.
  9. Yes, because this mission uses dynamic weather, and new clouds only have presets.
  10. @JohnyJack thanks, this is an interesting find with the SP BAR correlation and F-14s not engaging, I will investigate it, though it my as well be DCS AI being itself. The attack logic tends to get broken between the updates, so this may be just that. @Szerated I am pretty sure the incoming flights are exactly where they are reported by AWACS via bullseye calls, I checked it several times. As for the Tomcats - if the AI decided to disregard the triggers and go somewhere else then it is correct they wouldn’t be where they are reported. Anyway I will check if I can fix this somehow. thanks!
  11. @MacaoP20 thanks. The trigger assignment may be the issue and the only advice I can give is to re-map it, as SP BAR wait logic is very important for the campaign and changing it to F10 radio menu option would be way too cumbersome…sorry about that.
  12. The kneeboard in game is fine, PDF is old. Thanks.
  13. @SamJM this is now fixed, the clouds should not be as thick
  14. thanks! I'll see if i can find some way to fix the B1 taxi problem...
  15. the stalling issue should be fixed, it was a general problem with the F-18 flight model for quite some time.
  16. Hey @Photon and thanks for taking the time to type this. As a general remark - yes, campaigns in DCS are an ongoing process and need constant updates to stay in line with DCS changes. While it can be frustrating sometimes, there is no way around it and I guess if you want to play any campaign, you need to take into account the quirkiness of the AI. Especially with scenarios as complicated as the ones portrayed in R1. Having to recreate what was happening in a book was an additional challenge! As for M1, I did try to include a trigger calling Saint off when he went below 5K, but that usually ended up with him splashing into the sea (same for Saint in M5). I eventually removed it and recommend to everyone to keep the dogfighting to above 15K, with the AI being AI there is not much more I could do... AAR in general is a hit and miss for the AI, though with last patch things seem to be much better. again, I've built in so many safeguards it probably is not possible to do anything more.. For the SA page - I don't really understand it and I think this is some kind of DCS problem. I rarely see bandits transmitted by AWACS, though i do get the callsigns on SA. Not sure why it works for some and not for the others... With the prequel I am currently working on I am trying to make things less complicated. Also, because it takes time in 2005 (3 years before R1), player will fly as a wingman more often, which allows for some more predictible mission building... Many thanks again for this report!
  17. Mission 5 is a hit and miss, unfortunately - all depends on current DCS state. The task for the AI here is very simple, Prince is just told to hold weapons after you declare him shot.. unfortunately there is nothing I can do. As you well known having played before it used to work, but it gets broken every now and then for some reason…
  18. Thanks, I will check what is wrong there.
  19. Hey, thanks! There is nothing I can really do about this - this is the AI at its best. All the waypoints are set with some margin and the pilots have highest skills. Hope this is going to be fixed at some point as the AI is constantly being tweaked.
  20. Hey, Ad.1. I just checked, the SA page shows normal DCS callsigns (SD11 to 14 etc), all of which are attributed to various flights on the ATO page in the kneeboard. Don't know what else could be done there - once you decipher which flight is which via ATO it all should come together. Ad.2. Yes, SA-15 should fire, but it was too lethal before. still, this is not a bug Ad.3. The AI... plus AAR problems, which now should be internally solved (and fixed with the next update) Ad.4. AI again.. the last one should break off at some point, don't remember which now - but good that he did eventually!
  21. I just lauched the mission again and i had the radio checks once I launched the engine. I really don't understand why it does not work for some and does for others. Could someone post track from mission start?
  22. And it is now internally fixed. Thanks for the report!
  23. That clearly is a problem with the AI, I'll see if I can fix it somehow or at least add some safeguards... gotta love the AI
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