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  1. LOL I like bug reports like this one
  2. Hey, are you talking about the Caucasus stock campaign or the Coup d'Etat one?
  3. At "visual, cleared to engage" he starts lasing the target. I might need to update the comms here to more proper one with "laser on" etc, I'll try to do that at some point.
  4. Wow I am late to the party here, but thanks a lot! Actually, I am thinking about returning to M-2000C and updating this campaign or creating some follow-up, perhaps expanding the Coup d'Etat one in Persian Gulf.. we'll see.
  5. Thanks and also apologies for late reply, fixed internally for next update!
  6. Sorry for late reply, on it for the next OB update!
  7. Hey Pierre. Nope, the prequel is a normal campaign. Third one is planned to be a training one. Doing things backwards it seems
  8. Update on this: I spent over 2 hours trying to fix the F-14 behaviour and had to report it as a bug to ED, the AI refuses to shoot the AIM-54s at range greater than 10 NM. Which breaks the mission to some extent...
  9. @Jasonmoofangthanks for the report. I added notes to briefing warning against using BACKSPACE and getting too low when fighting Saint (AI being the AI will likely crash into water or go below the hard deck if player allows them to, so best to keep the fight above 10K). I also removed possible knock it off after SAM "launches". Enjoy the rest and keep me posted if you encounter any trouble!
  10. I confirm the scoring has been internally fixed, out with the next OB patch.
  11. @algherghezghezto get 100% you need to hit your assigned target (Iranian boats next to the pier). Did you do that?
  12. I tested, for me they didn't block Blade, but he ran through them. Fixed internally. Thanks for the report!
  13. @Timster76I did, should be out with the next COB update
  14. I confirm the missions were fixed & submitted for the next patch!
  15. Yeah, it will be a prequel set in 2005 in East Med (Syria map). Going to be fun! I believe it will be out much sooner than in a few months, hoping still this year!
  16. You can always use F10 menu at mission start to load the part beginning after the AAR, that should solve the problem. Let me know if it helps!
  17. Thanks a lot @TLTeo! Good point about the doc, I will update it with the things you mentioned. For the known SAMs, they should be there, but I found there are some problems with SA page. Still, I'll investigate. M15 - yeah, there are several different outcomes / options and I tried to take stock of all of them. Weird with Su-33 not engaging though, I haven't seen that happen. As for AAR - well.. you hit the nail on the head there. It is even more annoying for me, especially that quite often trigger to stop the AAR for AI does not work. I am in constant back and forth with ED on this and they are doing a good job trying to solve this. For M10 such legend is in the kneeboard, I checked recently. Thanks again!
  18. OK, will check. Though ground crew should not be able to do that...
  19. I will check when able what is the problem and will let you know what is needed for 100.
  20. I'll check what is going on here. Also, will think about adding option to load later stage of the mission at the beginnig - because it is already broke in two (mission 15 continues mid-way of M14)...
  21. Hey! I will double check, it should be internally fixed.
  22. This one is quite difficult. I say let the UAE guys and your wingman do the job and keep your eyes all around.. it is doable, but not easy, I agree. Maybe others can give better pointers, I am not the best dogfighter
  23. That is a feedback I am getting from some of the players, thanks. The briefings were written & checked by two former Hornet pilots, and they are as close as you can get to real life... but I understand that some summary could be welcome, so I'll try to prepare that for the missions (and definitely will include it in the upcoming Raven One prequel). As for firing weapons - again, the campaign focuses on realism (plus follows the novel), so it is not for those who seek a lot of action from the outset, but for those who would like to feel more immersed & see how things look in the real life (although in real life it is much more boring I guess). Besides if I am not mistaken there is some shooting in Mission 03 (quite a lot of it in fact), then starting from 8 you go kinetic in each sortie, so in 9 missions out of 15. The boats at night are on DCS side, when I was building the campaign they were clearly visible in NVGs. Then they weren't, then some months after they were again, now they are not. I am sure ED will fix this. Anyway, @Thumper1911 thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that in mind and definitely will include a simplified briefing / objectives if that helps!
  24. Thanks, I'll suppress the stock AI comms, good point here!
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