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  1. I am having a ridiculously hard time with The Enemy Within 3.0 Mission 22: "Strike".  The AI AAA gun (Zus-23) drills me through the clouds before I can get to the target.  From what I've seen, the original version (pre-volumetric clouds) of this mission was a night mission and you could fly directly over the target with minimal small arms fire.  


    Is the current experience as intended?  Am I just that bad?  It seems like the AI has X-Ray vision through the clouds.  Please reduce the cloud cover or do get rid of the AAA gun.  I'm dying over here!


    Thanks, and love the campaign!

    1. baltic_dragon


      Hey! Probably the AI abilities changed, as it wasn't as difficult before. I need to re-visit this mission and update it - will do soon! Thanks for your feedback!

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  2. buongiorno ho un problema con campagna pontus  ho resettato dalla missione 3 e al riavvio parte la missione 1 vista esterna, ma non riesco piu' a uscirne per proseguire la campagna tastiera e mouse sembra  non funzionare questo dopo due riavvii, disinstallato e reinstallato ma nessun cambiamento per uscire devo usare i tasti ctrl alt canc

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