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  1. Hey guys, I thought I'd revive this thread a bit and post some statistics I just published on my FB page regarding the campaign, that you might find interesting: Number of missions: 12 (actually, 10 sorties split into 12 missions for storyline and length reasons) Number of lines recorded: 3770 (this is a rough estimate, I might have missed some) Total length of voiceovers: 8 hours 42 minutes (so almost 9 hours of talking non-stop!) Total number of bugs fixed during beta-testing so far: 517 (there surely were many more, these were just the reports from the invaluable team with Yurgon, Ed and Toxygen) Number of coffees consumed while working: 1425 Also, a link to first short teaser: Stay tuned for more info, we're almost there!
  2. I'll see if I can do anything about the AI, but yeah - I get a feeling they are doing worse and worse. Perhaps I'll find a way to tweak things!
  3. Thanks guys, I'll check it and get back to you!
  4. Thanks! I am planning to put some time aside this week to check all the reports and try to fix everything I can for the Red Flag.
  5. No, AAR is a touch and go lately, with things getting broken from time to time. I'll see what i can do about it, but don't worry too much!
  6. thanks will have a look. I suspect the AI is doing something dumb again.
  7. i think they changed the ATC logic, i'll need to check all the missions now ... thanks!
  8. Hey @Roosterfeet thanks again for reporting, this now is fixed.
  9. Thanks @Dograw75 for your kind words and for letting me know!
  10. I hope this should be fixed now. BTW there was some problem with mission scoring which appeared (not sure how) which should also be fixed with the next update.
  11. Hey guys, I reduced the skill of the SA-2, hope it will be easier now. I have a feeling they got a boost as AI in DCS in general, so this can balance things out.
  12. We're almost there, polishing last mission & working on the trailer!
  13. Hey @pawel don't know how I missed this post sorry! It was a DCS bug which AFAIK is now solved for some time. Cheers!
  14. LOL probably something with ATC/ AI and wind direction. Should be an easy fix!
  15. Thanks for the report! Yeah, it is possible that something was changed.. I’ll fix this.
  16. @Jenson Yeah, the score 40 is something super weird and I need to look into it ASAP - the way things are set minimum score should be 50 anyway. I'll fix it (if it has something to do with the triggers at all, as I didn't touch them - suspect some weirdness coming from the new "skip mission" feature). Really sorry for your frustration, I know the feeling (imagine how I feel when things that used to work perfectly well suddenly stop working completely without me touching anything!). Will keep you posted about how things went. Having said that, I think it is safe for you to use skip mission feature to get to M15, if you hit the targets, there wasn't much of the mission left!
  17. I feel you guys and as I've said before: during the development the DCS settings changed numerous times, at some points the boats were super visible in NVGs, then they weren't. Then they changed into submarines with only the guy with MG sticking out of the waves. Then the waves disappeared completely and boats were somewhat detectable. Now it is worse again. I'll raise it with ED, but this is completely out of my hands...
  18. Sorry, I still didn't have time to do anything DCS-related, spent last w 3 weeks between Greenland, Iceland, France and Georgia working. Hope to get back on track as of tomorrow and then I will reply, promise!
  19. Hey @Rescue, thanks. I'll check it - used to work correctly before. Got to admit, I really hate when things that used to work well suddenly stop to do so for no apparent reason...
  20. Thanks guys, I will check what is wrong. Used to work OK before... BTW - until it is fixed, can you perhaps use the new "skip mission" option to advance the campaign to M15? It won't be cheating since you already got there!
  21. Hey dude! Thanks for this, will reply ASAP when I have a moment!
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