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  1. I am really sorry about these problems guys, the Red Flag seems to be broken pretty bad in 2.7.. the worst thing is I can’t find a way to fix to quite a few problems and need to work with ED on them. I will try to fly the whole campaign in the coming weeks and have it fixed as much as possible before the summer, but I am not sure it will be doable. I will keep you posted.
  2. I think there is some problem with A-10C II and the speed of your wingmen… I’ll try to fly this mission myself and check what is wrong / fix what is needed.
  3. should be Q4 2021 unless something goes really bad. I have half of it ready.
  4. That was how it was originally supposed to work. IIRC now you should have an F10 option at mission start that should take you directly to the moment after AAR, please check if it works. After you do that at the beginning you need to finish the mission though, the campaign branching unfortunately does not support "saving" per se, I spent long time trying to make it work but no luck...
  5. Thank you @War_Pig, @ruprecht, @wilbur81, @Teleblaster, @pokeraccio and others for your kind words - and we are very happy that you enjoyed this campaign! As to the Australian pilots - I will need some voiceovers for the F-16C "The Gamblers" campaign, so I will be in touch. And as to the plans - well, we're half-way through the Raven One prequel, taking place in 2005 (so 3 years before the novel) in Eastern Mediterranean. The work is progressing well and since we are not bound by the book, we can spread our DCS wings and should have a few surprises for you!
  6. I don't think it is out. The easiest way to get through this is to just set yourself to invincible in the options for this one hop, it won't have huge impact on later part of the mission, at least it shouldn't!
  7. That is weird that he doesn't fight. yes, he spawns as agressor to make sure that he does attack, I will check if I can reproduce.
  8. Hey @alip, internally fixed, sending to ED now!
  9. Internally fixed, sending it to ED now!
  10. Yeah, thanks.. but other part of the mission is now broken...
  11. Thanks, I'll try to make it run smoother or at least add info for the player to wait!
  12. Ah... wonderful... thanks @fylzzI will have a look.
  13. Yeah, there is a lot of problems with the taxi logic currently...
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