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  1. I am pretty sure it has, but will double-check.
  2. ED changed something with SA since the campaign was released. I will check if I can update the mission to reflect that.
  3. Hm not sure why, I can’t see how it is related with the campaign.. let me know if you got past it.
  4. It is just best to disable enforcing your options for all missions, I've set everything up in each mission as it should be and that should save you a lot of trouble
  5. I’ll have to check, don’t remember from the top of my head. I’ll do that and let you know.
  6. I need to check but I think the A-10C2 clock is showing Zulu time and old one used Local. Just convert one to another (it can also be done via CDU) and you should be good to go. LOL, sniped!
  7. Yes, you need to enable guard monitoring, it is described in Designer's Notes in the briefing. So you effectively will need to monitor 3 channels. I spent a couple of hours testing Prince's behaviour and was able to replicate him crashing into the sea. I think it may have been connected to the altitude safeguard of all things, which told him to climb when he got below certain altitude. In some cases he would do opposite. Not sure if it is fixed, but I'll include it with the next update.
  8. Hey, did you hear the briefing before the takeoff and discussion on the way? And did you follow the flight plan passing through all the waypoints, sir?
  9. The only way I can advise is to stay high at that point and use F10 hit reports to get through that part, I'll try to find a solution here but am affraid it is a DCS AI bug, it used to work OK for a long time... I'll keep you posted. Hope the F-10 workaroud works.
  10. Thanks I will test and forward it to the team.
  11. The checklist is in the aircraft manual (at least should be). As for HUD indication my guess you may have switched it on in the test mode? Don’t remember now but you probably clicked twice (or used RMB instead of LMB or other way around).
  12. Hm, that shouldn’t be linked to the campaign itself I guess, I am not to savvy in logbooks, perhaps somebody else could help you. Are you on Discord?
  13. Hey Alex, please try the mission from this post. Be aware that you need to be spot on your timing with takeoff and rejoin. This bug is a larger DCS problem, I reported it but managed to find a temporary fix. Let me know if it works!
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