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  1. hopefully the calm before the storm
  2. not too bothered really. if there's no training missions i'll just read the manual lol
  3. the A8 is a hunter, yes, a hunter of bombers. it's a much more heavily armoured version of the older A5 and A6 which were better dogfighters. in a one on one against a spitfire it will lose everytime, however if you fly in a group of 190 vs a group of spitfires it becomes much more even using the high speed to drag opponents while your wingmen shoot them down. if turn rate was king then the I-16 would be the best fighter. no need to upgrade
  4. agreed, frontline alert fighters shouldn't have to spend precious time waiting for engine warm, especially when the enemy can see where you spawn due to DCS' role select screen
  5. kinda bummed out too. It's my most anticipated module of all time. I was kinda hoping for a Feb release, but oh well. The clouds will help ease the pain
  6. does this mean the updated external model can be released sooner?
  7. really hope you make a Mi-24 campaign, but i will certainly buy for any helo. I am replaying right now, and it's the most immersive experience in DCS for me. You can just tell the CO Peter was voiced by a real pilot too, or at least someone with extensive knowledge of helicopter operations. the attention to detail of safe operation is a nice touch. Eg: off the top of my head he always mentions landing into wind, crossing powerlines at the poles not the wires, remarks on max grossweight takeoff technique and keeping engine within TOT limits. Favorite mission probably mission 6 with
  8. it's extremely fast in a straight line (190knots+) and turns like an aircraft carrier at speed. it's not nimble at all, but this is just part of its charm
  9. it would be cool to have the F-5's cannon sound. that is awesome, recommend you go have a listen
  10. bought a collective and VR specifically for this, am beyond excited
  11. Status is that this is a contender for my favourite module of DCS. It's in a really good state right now, and I absolutely love the harrier.
  12. looking amazing. gonna be a long 2 months
  13. There is soon to be a DLC campaign for the P47 by reflected. neither come with a free campaign, but you can use DCS liberation, free dynamic campaign generator
  14. you can remove them with the APU on and engine off so as to keep your systems on during turnaround
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