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  1. It's fake. I saw the image today on Imgur website and had a laugh. I wish the Huey actually did have a tape player like the Tomcat does, but then maybe that would break copyright depending on the songs used. I always think of Painted Black or Born to be Wild whenever I see a Huey anywhere, as well as Fortunate Son, and probably a few more from movies or TV shows back in the day. I actually didn't know which song Fortunate Son was, but of course I recognised it as soon as I played it on Youtube.
  2. Awesome job with the Serpent's Head 2 Campaign! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to end. I have been flying the Hornet for a while, but this was the first time I had really learned a heap about it in a relatively short time. Prior to this campaign I had only flown the Agressor's BFM campaign in the Hornet, which is awesome, but limited to BFM, as the name implies. I just finished today, taking two attempts to complete the final mission.. Damn that was hard lasing that vehicle with no lock on. On the first misison attempt I used all four bombs and never hit him, but this time I got him first try. This campaign also pushed me to learn to do A2A refuelling, something I have never been able to achieve before. I am really happy to say that I can consistently refuel in the air now (in the Hornet at least). Perhaps my greatest achievement came at the end. I was feeling the pressure of the landing right at the end of misson 10, mostly because the pilot said he felt pressure, and that background music . I also only had about 1200 pounds of fuel remaining. Somehow, despite not being able to see the runway until right near the end of the approach (obviously because it was dark AF) I snagged the 3 wire for perhaps the first time ever. I can always land on the carrier fine, even first time most of the time, but usually my approaches are horrible. This time I managed an _OK_:WIRE#3 !!!. Really, great job on the campaign. It was a lot of fun and I learned a LOT. Cheers,
  3. Actually it doesn't seem to be happening anymore. I think the "Disable Hotplug" may have fixed it, but not sure. Perhaps it was an update.
  4. Have you kept turning the friction wheel? You need to keep turning it in the "increase" direction until it becomes harder to turn. It is like tightening a screw, yo need to turn it until the pressure increases, it is not just left to right positioning. Not sure if you have tried this already.
  5. Hi, Since updating to DCS World 2.70 I have been getting intermittent messages saying "Input Device TrackIR unplugged" and then straight after "Input Device TrackIR plugged in" (or something similar to this). Yesterday it just happened a few times randomly, but today in a campaign mission it was disconnecting and reconnecting every 5-10 seconds. The main issue is I don't even use TrackIR, and I never have. I recently installed OpenTrack so I could use the mobile app "Smoothtrack" with other sims, but that was not running, and has not been running at all for about a week. I always use the Oculus Rift S when using DCS World, or at least 99% of the time I do. If I check controls options when I get the messages I can see an input device called TrackIR. I tried to do a rescan which removed the TrackIR input device, and then I selected "Disable Hotplug". Not sureif this has fixed it. When the issue occurs there is a major performance hit and lagging and pauses, so it is very annoying. I have checked all USB entries in Device Manager and ensured that the "Power Management" entry is unchecked, but the problem persisited even after doing that. The main question is, why is DCS World detecting that I have TrackIR when I do not have it? Cheers,
  6. Doesn't look too bad for me in the A or B. I usually check by checking the seat back relative to where my back would be (or is) and the same with seat height in comparison to where my real seat is. I always reset my view when first starting DCS World, and periodically, by just looking forward with my head straight and level and pressing numpad 5. Some games I have to adjust it manually by moving my head forward, back, up or down, then pressing the reset view key, but DCS World is pretty much always spot on for me with a comfortable position looking straight ahead.
  7. Hi, I have been using the Tomcat quite a few times today. Earlier today I ran the update for DCS Open Beta. I have encountered a few CTDs. The first time, I can't recall the mission, but I think it was a training mission, and I encountered a CTD. I restarted DCS and then the same mission ran successfully. Just now, I have tried to start the mission, "Colorado River Run". This has caused the sim to CTD three times in a row, so I am unable to use this mission. I have no mods installed, just official DCS aircraft, campaigns and terrains. I have also encountered some issues in other training missions. Guns and AIM-9 training missions, the missions should start paused, but pause is immediately disabled and the aircraft is under players control, taking it past the drones. When the mission should unpause once the instructions have been given, it pauses. Drones do still appear, but you need to manually unpause then do a 180 and go find them. Carrier take off training mission, there is a soldier who appears and disappears near the edge of the boat on the Tomcat's left when on the catapult. Cheers,
  8. Interesting, thanks for the info. Regarding the forum host, one other site that has recently changed, ORBX forums, is actually hosted by Invision. It must just be the latest trend in web design :). FYI for anyone looking for a way to darken the screen a bit, try Dark Reader. I use Chrome browser, and I know it also work with Firefox, Safari , and Edge. https://darkreader.org/
  9. What's the deal with these forum changes. This is about the fifth flightsim website I visit that has gone all white in the past few few months. Are all the flight sim forums using the same server/software? Worse, the admins on most of these sites don't even know where the changes are coming from. Just tried the Dark and Denim themes in user settings/account and they seem to shrink the text too? WTF?
  10. How dare you!!!! You obviously weren't doing it right. :joystick: ;)
  11. Congratulations guys. I am a big fan and customer of IndiaFoxtEcho, and it is great to see such talented developers working together. I will be a day one customer of an upgraded MB-339. Best of luck with all your ventures going forward.
  12. I fear that this performance issue is going to cost some users. I have a mate who tried DCS out on the Rift CV1 right around the time 2.5.6 was released, and he told me he tried it, but gave up after not too long due to the woeful performance. You need frames to be high enough and stable in VR or it is very uncomfortable, and just not usable. I shared with him some settings tips before and after, but I don't think he will even try it again. I am still on 2.5.5, as my DCS World was unplayable after updating to 2.5.6. I had been doing quite a lot of Nevada Aggressor missions, most recently in the Hornet, and 2.5.6 just would not allow me to use this in VR. I use DCS in VR exclusively now, and it used to be magnificent for that, but 2.5.6 has really stuffed it, to put it bluntly. I know this is still in Beta, but i just hope ED are taking this seriously, because something has gone really awry for performance to drop so severely in VR. I think they need to take a step back and figure out which move went wrong, then go back to that point and redo it.
  13. Thanks heaps Hammer. Appreciate the response and the info. Cheers,
  14. I noticed a lot of stuttering, and it was unplayable for me in 2.5.6, so I have reverted to the latest 2.5.5 version, and it seems to be back to normal. I use DCS in VR exclusively, but some others using a monitor only seemed to report an increase in performance after the 2.5.6 update. It may depend on the mission(s) being flown at the time. I have been testing in the Hornet Aggressors BFM campaign and with a self made mission with a number of ground and air units, both of which I was using quite regularly before the update.
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