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  1. Just finished with the paper. Thanks for the wishes guys.
  2. Univ finals on these days, exam in ~16hrs. It sux being a student during exam time...
  3. Thats what they are made of, a multilayer laminate with plastic and glass layers.
  4. Is this the improoved chinese J-11A? Does the standard Su-27SK support twin racks under the wing?
  5. It also has these fairings just under the LERX tip and ahead of the nose gear bay. Any idea what kind of self defence suite equips the -30MKM?
  6. Unlike the Hellfire..... More, the merrier I have this Su-24M video (the 'NEBA' full russian version), from http://www.patricksaviation.com , in which there is some footage of PGMs, including missiles (Kh-25ML is my guess) as seen from the onboard thermal sight! The system does not seem to have an image lock capability, instead it is ground stabilised and constantly corrected by the WSO. Sometimes the targetting crosshairs seem to be way off the target, but still the weapons hit. Some interesting shots of missile firing and KAB-500L releases there.
  7. Thanks a lot for that, it clears a lot of misconceptions I had. :thumbup:
  8. Thats a sweeping statement. Out range: Both carry the same A2A weapons. Out detect: true, in terms of radar capabilities, no EO. Out gun: Partly true, greater warload at 8000kg vs 6000kg for the -35, more A-2 weapon types...
  9. You are not. ;) The Kamov has slightly more power though, and I suppose its of more modern construction.
  10. Vikhir is a laser beam rider. Does this mean it flies in some kind of a laser funnel/tube?
  11. What I meant was that even if the target is within the designator's limits, and a lock is maintained, do laser beam riding missiles tend to fly out of the beam if a sudden violent maneuver is performed? I believe that laser homing missiles are more flexible, especially when launched from a high speed platform. Correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Thanks. Consider this scenario: Su-25T dives (50'-60') onto a stationary target, acquires lock, launches a Vikhr and immediately levels out at an alt of 2000m above target, doing around 700km/h. The target is stationary, but the laser beam's angular speed is equal to that of the aircraft w.r.t. target. Doesn't this cause some inconvenience to the missile (being a beam rider) and force it to follow an oddly curved trajectory? I have never flown BS, but I feel that beam riding A2G missiles should be quite restrictive on post launch aircraft maneuverability as compared to homing types.
  13. Are there any major advantages of conventional tail rotor helicopters over co-axial rotors, other than simpler gearbox? Kamov JSC said that cabin height requirements led them to employ a tail rotor (compact GB advantage) in the Ka-60/62, but their smaller machines, the Ka-126/226 & Ka-115 are coaxial, with fairly voluminous cabins for their respective classes. Was the overall height an important criterion (maybe imposed by the size of transport a/c cargo holds) in the Ka-60 design?
  14. Taking about guns, here is an interesting link, with an article about the GSh-301 and others: http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/index.htm
  15. OT question: Whats the max. look down angle for the nose optics in the -25T?
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