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  1. I received my throttle back from Thrustmaster yesterday. 10 days after I shipped it. Not bad turn around time. Unfortunately they did not fix my issue. They simple replaced the main board on the throttle and sent it back to mean without even testing. The main board was fine in my throttle and I believe (which I told them) the issue was with the HALL sensor which should have been replaced. So now I'm back at the beginning and have emailed Thrustmaster and awaiting a response (typically 3 business days to get a reply back). I'm pretty frustrated they didn't even test it before sending it
  2. Will do. Still no communication yet and they've had it almost a week. Will post my experience here when complete so others can reference in the future if they have Thrustmaster RMA's.
  3. Thanks Madone! Mine got there a couple days ago but I haven't heard anything from them. Hoping for a quick turnaround. Thanks for your insight.
  4. @Madoneone more question if you don't mind. Once your throttle got to Thrustmaster, how long until they sent back the new throttle? Also did they give you a return shipping tracking number or any other contact? They received my throttle two days ago but I still haven't heard anything. Just curious what your experience was. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks for making these charts! They are great. One correction I noticed is on Al Dhafra. You have the taxiway entering 31R as J and I think it is B.
  6. Awesome news Madone! Glad they sent you a new throttle!! That's awesome!! I think I will send mine in after the new year here and see if they do the same. Thanks for posting back your experience. That was really quick. Enjoy that new throttle!
  7. Thanks for the response again. I asked Thrustmaster what the turnaround time was but they ignored my question. I have an RMA setup now but I'm going to wait until after the holidays since I want to use my throttle now while I"m off. I'm also in USA so it will have to go through customs which I'm guessing will take a bit longer. I keep hoping I can just fix this myself but I'm coming to the conclusion the HALL sensor needs to be replaced like you stated. Thanks again for your feedback.
  8. Thanks for the response. Please do post back once you receive your throttle back and the turnaround time. I will probably wait until after the holidays to send into Thrustmaster so it's not delayed further. Did you have the delta slew installed in your throttle? I'm guessing I have to uninstall that and put the original slew back in before sending back to Thrustmaster. What a hassle.
  9. I just put the original Thrustmaster detent in and ran the calibration again. Issue still persists. It's odd the issue is only with the right throttle and Button29, left throttle and Button30 works perfect. Thanks again for the help!!
  10. Just wanted to drop a note and say THANK YOU for this plugin!! Just started using it and it is fantastic. Well designed, written and documented. You sir are an asset to this community! Thanks again!
  11. Thank you for your response and suggestions. I have tried clearing the Windows calibration and calibrating with the tools from your website at least 10-15 times. I have even tried uninstalling the Thrustmaster driver, rebooting and reinstalling. I do have a custom push through detent and hadn't tried removing that for calibration. I just tried removing it though and calibrating again and the issue still persists. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!!
  12. Sorry I should have mentioned that. Yes I have run the calibration many times. It does not fix this issue.
  13. Has anyone had any issues with buttons 29 & 30 on the Warthog throttle after installing this slew upgrade? When I pull my throttles back from IDLE to OFF (just over the hump but not all the way) both buttons 29 and 30 come on. When I pull them back all the way button 30 turns off but 29 stays on. It's like the right throttle (that the slew is attached to) is slightly ahead of the left throttle. This is causing me issues in DCS as if I pull both throttles all the way to OFF, the right one goes back to idle.
  14. Hi all, My Thrustmaster Warthog throttle is having a weird issue where one of the IDLE/OFF buttons is not remaining on when pulled all the way back. Working with Thrustmaster they now have created an RMA and I'm awaiting more details. I asked them about the process and turnaround time but they did not respond. Curious if anyone has sent anything into Thrustmaster to get repaired recently. If so what was the turnaround time? Did they repair your device or just send you a new or refurbished one? Wondering how long I will be without my throttle which means I cannot fly. Thanks
  15. Thanks all! I tested this more last night and that was indeed the issue. CS was hidden behind BB perfectly. I had OFFSET the RWR so it would see both apparently. Thanks again for the help!
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