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  1. Thanks for hunting this down. And the answer to your question about the same radar, Yes and No. Yes, they uses the AEGIS SPY-1. But the CG and DDG have a different variant. CG-59+ uses SPY-1B(V) and the DDG uses SPY-1D. Highly doubt any of this matters in DCS. But good jeopardy knowledge I guess.
  2. Thanks for looking but how to you disable failures if not in the mission editor? I have "Random System Failures" enforced false.
  3. There are times that I would be sitting on the carrier for upwards of 30 minutes and I would start venting gas. In single player, I can pull up the mission status and see that I have taken some damage while just sitting there. The damage that I take does not seem to affect systems. At least not from what I can tell. The venting of fuel is confusing because I dont seem to understand how the fuel tanks become damaged frpm not moving on the deck. This is on the Syria map running Super Carrier. I have noticed this in Single Player and Multiplayer. I am unable to pull the log file for the multiplayer mission. The link below will give the SP and MP track that I have recently noticed this. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0ql2a8nyusdwfuf/AAB_NgIT885coFi5j8dKNubha?dl=0 My System Win10Pro 64bit i9-9900KS @4.0GHz 64Gb RAM 2080TI 1TB NVME SSD Random Hornet Failures.log
  4. I could use a little help. For whatever reason ModelViewer2 is not finding my liveries on the C: drive. I am using the following code: LoadModel("CoreMods/aircraft/FA-18C/Shapes/f-18c.edm") mount_vfs_liveries_path("c:/Users/James/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Liveries") I get the standard 5 default liveries from the Bazar folder. I thought I could copy the livery that I am working on there. But it still wont load the file. But I am at least able to see it in the Viewer's Livery Dialog Box. I tried with a clean file and removed the LoadModel. Still no luck. Attached is the log file and autoexec.lua Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks gents! model_viewer2.log autoexec.lua
  5. Wrench, I love the script. You can implement it with the Tarawa but it still sets a course like it is a Nimitz class carrier. Would it be possible to set a variable for CVN or LHA?
  6. Wrench, I can confirm this. Launched 1x S-3B while carriers was in the turn. Flew for maybe 10 minutes and landed. Launched another into the wind. It flew longer but climb any higher than 1,500ft. I did make sure the S-3B had a waypoint in the mission.
  7. I have a mission with a KC-135MPRS and KC-130. KC-135 Shows up last minute when I am right on him. The KC-130 never appears. I do see a smoke trail from where the KC-130 should be. Missing Refuelers.trk
  8. I noticed in the recent patch that the gun pod does not appear under the Hawk when added to the armament. This is version Hawk is armed with LAU-61 HE, AIM-9 and Aden Gun Pod. Attached is a screen shot and the .miz file. NTTR_Nellis_Target_Range.miz
  9. +1 Going to single screen with a one screen resolution 1920x1080 allows me to play. I tried to go to single screen with a combined resolution of 5760x1080. I get the same problem as the custom .lua script with 3 screens. Attached is my script as a reference. A-10C 3 Monitor with MFDs.lua
  10. Open the zip file. It contains the pilot, patch and helmet textures. UH1_pilot.zip
  11. Thanks to Valery and DGambo for the awesome help with the texture modeling of the Mi-8 and the pilots. For those that want to make custom patches for the Mi-8 pilots, please read below. The flight crew have a patch on the left and right arm. The template must be a square and that square is broken down into four different sections for the patches. The top half is used for the pilot and the bottom half is for the copilot. The flight engineer mirrors the pilot. Reference the attached graphics. When the graphics are complete, you must modify the LUA script 'description' in the folder. It will look similar to this: {"pilot_MI8_body", 0 ,"pilot_uh1_black", false}; {"ZSH-7", 0, "pilot_uh1_helmet_black", false}; -- pilot helmet {"pilot_MI8_patch", 0, "pilot_mi8_patch_160th", false}; -- patch on flight suit
  12. DGambo, I plan on making a different patch for the pilot. Thanks for the help. It is very much appreciated. Flanker, It is going to the 'description' file in any of the mi-8mt folders located at C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\mi-8mt You wont find that line in the script and will have to add it {"mi_8_tex1", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_1_MERC_SAR",false}; {"mi_8_tex1", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_1_spec",true}; {"mi_8_tex2", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_2_MERC_SAR",false}; {"mi_8_tex2", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_2_spec",true}; {"mi_8_tex3", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_3_MERC_SAR",false}; {"mi_8_tex3", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_3_spec",true}; {"mi_8_tex4", 0 ,"mi_8_tex_4_MERC_SAR",false}; {"mi_8_tex4", 2 ,"mi_8_tex_4_spec",true}; {"pilot_MI8_body", 0 ,"pilot_uh1_black", false}; {"ZSH-7", 0, "pilot_uh1_helmet_black", false}; -- pilot helmet -- {"pilot_MI8_patch", 0, "pilot_MI8_patch", false}; -- patch on flight suit {"EVU", 0 , "evu_texture_MERC_SAR", false};
  13. Dgambo, Thank you for the quick response. My pilot looks great. I appreciate the 'patch' syntax as well. Is there a helmet syntax? "pilot_MI8_helmet" James
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