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  1. Anyone got a turnaround on emails to their info email address? Just curious. Had an inquiry about getting a replacement ministick and board for the Taurus as mine took a dump and haven't gotten a reply after a few days. Wondering what others may be experiencing.
  2. All started when I was having problems in a MP server getting TACAN to work properly in the F-14B. Decided to check things out in single player. Briefing says the boat is on 71X. Tuned 71X. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Checked manuals. Checked Chuck's Guide. Checked Laobi's (giggidy) video. Everything says TACAN should be working. But it's still not working. Tell Jester to tune it. It works. Jump to the back seat. It's set for 74X. Kneeboard says boat is 74X.
  3. You could also cut acetate sheets to lay on that so you can just swap them out super fast too.
  4. Any movement on this one? Just happened to me again. :\
  5. So if I am to understand previous posts correctly, the actual implementation of using these new modes to find a stationary building or other geopoint (not an in-game unit like a tank or ship) isn't working correctly yet? I've been having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to steer the SAR map to show me a target whether on a waypoint or not. The TDC designation seems to move the area around randomly or unpredictably limiting the usefulness. Am I doing something wrong or is it still not complete?
  6. Just noticed this. The pylons for the inner hard points when you take GBU12s are different. The left one appears to be the wrong size, and places the bomb more forward than the other.
  7. I was Battle Born and Battle Raised in Las Vegas and lived here all my life (I turn 40 in two days). I've had the opportunity to fly in and out many times on commercial aircraft, during different times of year, at different times of day, in different weather conditions. In the watermarked photo that was posted I can tell you it's absolutely NOT anywhere near Monsoon season given there's snow on the mountains. That would put it probably 70/30 the early part of the year than the later. It could be in the middle of January or as late as March depending on how the rain was that year. When it's
  8. You don't even have to be armed with GPS weapons. The whole control scheme is borked. Hitting un/cage ends up stowing the pod, and undesignate points you forward as far as it will go.
  9. This is tied to the free play period ending. They're all now requesting keys every time you launch the game.
  10. Is TOO mode still a thing for the AKG, like was said and shown in the original video? I can't even get it to come up on an air started plane.
  11. Ditto. Just experienced this in MP with a multicrew Tomcat getting hit and then respawning in a different slot as well.
  12. Yeah, if I tried something that far off boresight, it wouldn't even look far enough over to try and grab it in MP. I'll give it a few more tries and see...... once I'm done recovering from a massive HD failure. x_x
  13. That's the problem. This never seems to work, and it used to.
  14. Had some nice solid tracks in TWS MAN, and bugged one of them. "A while ago" (my pilot got bit by the Viper so I jumped into the Viggen for a while), I would just hit one of the TRACK buttons and the AWG-9 would do a decent enough job of locking up the track, provided the the target didn't do anything weird or sudden or was notching. Lately though I can't seem to get it to work. Appears on the scope that it won't try and lock if the target is more than 15 deg to either side, and I've yet to get a track to successfully pass from TWS to STT at all. PD Search to track seem to work no proble
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