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  1. Still trying to figure out what I need to order to affix the matrix to the front panel. M3 threaded inserts? Or M2.5? It's not clear to me.
  2. It would be super cool if we could somehow get that scan or model! However, we can still work with what you uploaded. I can load these into FreeCAD as planar images, and then scale them by drawing a line on the threaded part and telling it to scale the image based on that line being 1.5" long. Then I can model the shapes on top of the planar images in the background. This in itself is super powerful. You've unlocked super powers by uploading these images, and I greatly appreciate it!
  3. mattjonesgr9, Where on earth did you acquire such fine pictures? This is a fantastic amount of detail. Do you by any chance have the original model that these came from? If the thread is truly 1.5", we may be able to interpolate all of the dimensions using that as a reference point.
  4. I've printed the upper box (spool snagged so I have re-print it), the recessed buttons, the top plate, and the button matrix. I printed everything in white because that's what I had on hand. I'm going to be spraying everything with gray filler, and will be finishing by sanding and painting. Anyway, I noticed that the master caution and the master warning lights for the side illumination lights are not modelled as buttons. Those should be able to be depressed. Ideally those should be separate buttons that can be printed separately with a little matrix behind to hold a microswitc
  5. I just had another person recreate the same issue using my instructions, and they confirmed the bug as well. I was just about to do a livestream on Twitch to show other Harrier pilots the bug. In regards to "...if you keep accelerating and know that you're going to rip the wings.....why continue? Just cut the throttle and turn outbound. Im confused." Just trying to report a bug that Razbam was obviously unaware of. That's it. Fix it or don't fix it. I don't care.
  6. Did you fly the plane long enough for it to accelerate past Mach 1.0 and all the way to Mach 1.6? It doesn't happen in seconds, it takes a bit of time to reach that speed. But it will happen, 100% of the time as shown in the video. I've had 2 other people independently verify this both online and offline and recreated the exact same thing using my instructions on the very first try. It's disappointing that you can't recreate it, because everybody else who tries seems to be able to. Should we have other people record videos to prove it to you?
  7. The throttle does not have to be at 100%. But you DO have to start with a bunch of bombs (like GBU-38's) and then drop them. Trust me, this is a BUG. Straight and level flight after dropping a bunch of GBU-38's with less than full throttle and the plane WILL go supersonic and will continue accelerating until the wings rip off. It does NOT do that if you start with an empty plane. You cannot recreate it unless you start with GBU-38's (I suggest 10) and then drop them. That's the bug. Watch the full video and you'll see it.
  8. Here is my YouTube video showing how to make the AV-8B go supersonic in level or climbing flight due to what I think is a GBU-38 bug.
  9. Reddox, it looks like you did a filament change in the middle of printing the UFC Top, is that correct? I wonder if printing in glow-in-the-dark filament for those layers might be cool? I think the glow-in-the-dark stuff is slight translucent... wonder if there's a way to light those layers with some LED's to make it look like it's back-lit. UV light would make it really pop. Might be a cool experiment. I've heard the glow-in-the-dark materials are corrosive however, and will eventually destroy the nozzle on the 3d printer. I've only printed with it a couple of times.
  10. This is really awesome. I'd love to print this. I was able to get the buttons but not the UFC itself. Anyway to post this again / somewhere? I dunno if the new forum system lost the attachments. Disregard, after another day or two, the download link appeared and I was able to grab the files. I'm planning on modeling the throttle handle will be happy to share that when I am closer. I did start modeling the throttle handle in FreeCAD. I would have loved to have used Fusion 360 but they recently removed features from the "free" version to try to force you into the $400 a year s
  11. Loadout: TPOD 10 GBU-38's (2 pair on inner pylons, 3 pair on middle pylons) Load up the plane with 10 GBU-38's. TPOD may or may not be necessary. Climb above 12,000 feet. Drop all 10 GBU-38's. The plane will slowly start to accelerate beyond Mach 1.0 in straight and level flight (or even in a slight climb!). It's as if the plane became magically lighter than it's normal empty weight. You'll be able to hear the sonic boom and everything. Eventually the plane will accelerate past Mach 1.06 and the wings will fail shortly thereafter. I hav
  12. I think Eagle Dynamics's authorization servers are broken right now. Seeing the same thing. My DCS client hung at login for 10+ minutes. Eventually it went past it. But then I made the mistake of clicking on the modules button, and now I'm stuck again, 15 minutes later.
  13. I'm pretty sure Eagle Dynamic's authorization servers are having problems. It took 10 minutes for my game to start and I made a mistake of clicking on the modules menu option and I'm stuck with the waiting circle for more than 15 minutes. I don't have the Steam version but I bet it is related.
  14. So the official bug tracker appears offline for me... Apologies if these things have already been reported. In multi-player, the Harrier will occasionally start playing a fraction of the "Landing gear!" alert then stop, at completely random and inappropriate times. My controls are not glitching and no other plane does this. Also periodically (maybe once every 30 minutes) the Harrier, while in cruise, starts going through a bit test of all the audible warnings for no apparent reason.
  15. I confirmed that this is in fact my issue. I disabled tooltips and was able to fly the UH-1 without any crashes.
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